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I am early in my pregnancy, 9 weeks. But I had my first u/s today and I am high risk because I had a LEEP for cervical dyplasia. UGH. What usually happens with that? I have to see a specialist every 2 weeks for scans. My cervix was 5 something, I really couldn't understand it all. I'm just curious whose gone through this.

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  • In March 2008 I had a LEEP done due to HPV stage 2 cervical cancer. My OBGYN did it and she said that I don't have any high risk than any other woman who hasn't gotten the LEEP done. They checked at my follow up PAP after that to make sure my cervix was healing properly because I'm diabetic, but it was totally fine.

    My OBGYN hasn't done any internal checks or anything to check my cervix length as far as I know of except my last transvaginal ultrasound. I know it varies from doctor to doctor though. I wish I could be more help!

  • They will continue to look at your cervix and if it starts to get shorter you may have to have a cerclage put in. I had a leep done in 2008 and the Dr that did it shaved out to much of my cervix so now I have a short cervix, when I had my 20 week U/S the Drs caught it and I had to have a cerglage put in(which is stitches in your cervix to keep it from opening early). There is only a certain amount of time they can be put in and it has to be before 24 weeks. Hope this helps!  Here is a link to a site that tells more about the Cerclage!                              http://www.americanpregnancy.org/pregnancycomplications/cervicalcerclage.html
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  • I had 2 leeps (in '06 and '07) with a different OB.  My current OB knew about it before I got pregnant and warned there would be additional monitoring just to make sure my cervix was substantial enough to carry the baby.  I had bi-weekly ultrasounds from about 12 weeks to 22 weeks.  After that, with no noticeable changes, he up ti to the 4 week growth scans after I was diagnosed with GD

  • As pp have noted, the LEEP could compromise your cervix and lead to premature shortening or incompetency/failure. Make sure they monitor you carefully and you push for a cerclage if you need it, these are the only reasons I'm still pg. Best of luck!
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  • I had a LEEP in '99 and the doctors will keep a much closer eye on you, as it sounds like they are doing.  I saw my regular OB every 4 weeks, and my perinatologist every 3 then every 2 weeks.  They will monitor closely to make sure the integrity of the cervix is good.  Fortunately, even though mine was shorter to begin with because of the LEEP it has held up (I'm now 27 weeks) but when I did start having PTL at 24w, they were super cautious because of the compromised cervix.  Luckily, my cervix is staying nice and long even though I'm having contractions and am on bedrest.  Just be sure that if you experience anything out of the ordinary - any kind of vaginal fluid or discharge or cramping - call your Dr immediately.  They will not take any chances with a pt who has had the LEEP. 

    Good luck!

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