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Anyone else's child learning the occasional curse word?

Last night I was getting DS out of his bath, and I guess I scratched him with my fingernail. He yelled, "God DAMMIT!" and I had to turn my head and choke back my laughter. Then I gave DH a lecture because I am very good at censoring myself (and I rarely say GD anyway).  He pointed out that Nate was at my parents' house Saturday night, so it's just as likely, if not more likely, that he heard it from my mom. :P

He has said "dammit" before, and he still says it occasionally if we're playing a game and he gets something wrong, which is kind of funny, honestly. I just ignore it b/c I know if I make a big deal out of it, he'll want to curse all the time.

Anyone else have any good stories to share? Do you just ignore it when something like that makes its way into your child's vocabulary?

Re: Anyone else's child learning the occasional curse word?

  • We don't really use profanity much at all, so J hasn't really picked up anything. However, when I was about 3 I called my mom a b*tch in a very appropriate context. :)
  • LOL @ BackthePack!

    Picking up curse words is one thing I'm worried about.  I'm sure we'll get use to editing ourselves, but I don't know if I'll be able to control it when I'm driving.  I'm a tad vocal :-/

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  • Ok, well I'll just say I have a flavorful vocabulary Embarrassed and I (and DH) have been working hard to keep it under raps at home. So yes she has repeated a few words (in context I might add-which blows my mind!). When she repeats them I just tell her that that is a bad word and only adults say that and she isn't supposed to say that. And she usually says ok and that's the end of it. No more conversation to keep bringing it up.And of course I don't laugh...but man that's hard!!

    My funniest story however comes from my father-who suprise suprise...the person I picked up all my words from! ;) He was bringing DD back to my house after she had spent the night and a lady cut him off on the road. He proceeded to call her a "dumb b***h", to which from the backseat DD pipes up "Dumb b***h? what's a dumb b***h?". mom made him fess it up to me. hee hee. Honestly I just have to laugh about it. These things happen and that's life! 

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  • DS has repeated Sh!t and [email protected]. Sometimes if I say it he'll sit there and repeat it over and over like he's trying to perfect it or something! Ay yi yi...
  • DS said crap a few times, but I think he's forgotten about that now:) He mostly says things I don't like, not exactly curse words. He says "I'll kill you." Love that one. :P He just knows how to be fresh and it drives me batty!
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