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Thanks for responding to my post about solids below.  About reflux - DS has been on soy formula since he was about a month old (after several weeks of me stopping dairy and going to a GI specialist bla bla bla he probably has a milk sensitivity).  I know squat about reflux - if he had it - wouldn't he have trouble drinking his bottles?  Or is there such thing as reflux only caused by solids?
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  • I wish I had an answer for you, but I honestly don't know. My kiddo had some problems with gagging and throwing up solid food when he was around a year old. This was after months of zero problems, so it was very strange. I was wondering if he had some reflux issues, but he also spit up a lot when he was a newborn. It lasted for about a month, but then he seemed to improve, so I never talked to his doctor about it.
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  • I don't know about reflux caused by soilds as a whole, but certainly by certain foods.  I am lactose intolerant.  If I eat dairy, sometimes I get stomach cramps, etc. and I sometimes I just get horrible heartburn.  DD1 had horrible reflux, but had no problems drinking her BM bottles or nursing - she would just spit up a ton and be cranky (until we put her on meds).  And she had no problems with solids - she loved them. 

    DD2 does not have reflux and nurses like a champ, but definitely had some texture issues with food and very little interest in solids until recently (she just turned 1).  That may be the issue with your DS.  It may just take time, like it did with DD2. She still won't touch certain foods and rarely puts anything (toys, etc.) in her mouth.  She refused a pacifier - screamed like I was killing her if I tried to put it in. 

    The reason I thought of reflux is that kids with dairy/food sensitivity often have reflux and I know you had a heck of a time with him in the beginning.  Some babies have silent reflux - so they don't spit up, but the acid still backs up in their throat - like an adult with heartburn.  In our case, DD1 had eczema (till I stopped dairy/soy), chronic ear infections, spitting up, etc.  From everything I've read, all of those things - food intolerance, asthma, eczema, ear infections, reflux, etc. can all be related.  His solids refusal may be related to those issues or could be a textures issue.

    This probably was no help at all.  Sorry! (and sorry if I repeated myself from below - can't remember what I wrote).

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