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perinatologist today

I'm both excited and nervous. Excited because this is the specalist who is going to determine how my pre-e is addressed from here out and nervous because he's a specialist!

Has anyone seen a perinatologist?

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Re: perinatologist today

  • I saw one with DS #1 and now also with DS #2 both for pre-e. I liked the feeling that they were specialists which made me feel like I was getting the care both my son and I needed. However, even though I know they had my best interest at heart, I felt as though they were pushing me way too fast into an induction that could wait. I also see a regular ob/gyn and according to my BP, protein, and blood work he always felt like it was ok for me to continue being pregnant without risking my son or I's health. The high-risk dr recommended everytime I was seen there to take the baby. They did induce me at 34 weeks and for some reason I deep down feel like my son didnt have to be born then. So I enjoyed knowing I was well taken care of but also wish they werent so pushy when all the results showed his birth could wait.
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