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How are Maternity Jeans suppose to "fit" ?

I am wearing my first pair of maternity jeans ever (this is my first Pregnancy)  and they feel awful.  I am thinking I bought the wrong size or maybe I am wearing them too soon???  With in the 1st hour of wearing them, I have pulled them up AT LEAST 10 times.....   Is this the way it will be?  I feel like I need suspenders. 

 Any advice would be great.   At this point, I would rather go back to using the rubber band with my pre-preggo jeans..... Help!


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Re: How are Maternity Jeans suppose to "fit" ?

  • Sounds like the wrong size.  I got a great pair of maternity jeans at the GAP and they fit just like a snug pair of boot cut jeans.  I ordered them in my per-pregnancy size.





    The elastic band on the waist won't let the pants fall down unless you ordered a pair about 5 sizes too big.  It's a strong piece of elastic.


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  • Do you have the over-the-belly kind or the under the belly kind?

    My over-the-belly kind stays up great and I barely even have to readjust during the day. My under-belly kinda are a little more annoying and they slide down sometimes esp as my belly grows but never as bad as you describe.

    Perhaps you did buy a size too big. They always say get your pre-pregnancy size. Some places run big (I think Old Navy jeans run big), so if they have a website check the reviews to see what other girls are saying about them.

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  • Me too!  Must have bought too big.  Mine fall all day long.  I'm sure I will grow into them.  
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  • i'm at 18 weeks and the under the belly kind from the gap (someone posted the pics above) are awesome.  i rarely tug on them or feel like they are falling off.  the over the belly ones def feel too big.  i think maybe because i'm still early on and not showing enough for the over the belly?  not sure. 
  • My first pair was like that too!! I returned them. I thought they were the only pair that fit at the time because everything else I tried on was either too small, or too big.

    My biggest problem with the jeans I got was that everything seemed to be low rise, and tight fit. I tried on a different style of maternity jeans.. ones that had an a s s in them, and they fit perfect.

    Just make sure to try a bunch on and see what feels most comfy. And it helps if you're sales rep knows what they're talking about too.

    Mine told me that with the pants on, I should be able to put both of my arms in my pants down the sides of my legs, and the pants should fit over that snugly. That way, you have enough room for later expansion.

  • Until your belly is bigger to hold them up, I've heard some girls using the Bella Band over the belly panel to keep them up during this time (and post partum). 

    Be sure to tug on the actual jean fabric when you do pull.  My sister's panel got torn up because she would pull from the top of the belly panel.

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  • One pair for me are just a little bit big in the hip area. I'm wearing them today actually. If you go the kind that look like regular jeans but have a belly panel (I got mine from H&M) then you can just wear a belt. I strapped mine up today so I didn't have to keep tugging at them. Problem solved.

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  • If you have the over the belly kind, you can try folding the band over once so that the top of the band is over your hips.  That helped my maternity pants stay up before I had enough of a bump to keep them up using the full panel. 

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  • Sounds perfect.  They will get you closer to your due date before they are so tight they cut off circulation and you give up and wear yoga pants to work everyday while you silently dare anyone of those non pregnant b-itches to say something about appropriate work attire. 

     Or at least that's how it goes for me.  

  • I have the same issue. I have pretty narrow hips and that may have something to do with it. My first purchase was a size to big, but even when I went down a size they still slipped. Any smaller and those suckers won't fit over my thighs though.

    I've found that the full panel jeans stay up better for me. When I wear the ones witht he under-belly band I then double up with a bella band which I wear 1/2 inside my jeans and half folded over the top of the band. That seems to keep them up and snug.

    If I don't do that then I almost have to hold them up or the butt is really droopy.

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  • I have a pair of Liz Lange jeans from Target and they do not stay up AT ALL. They have the full panel. I just wear my belly band thing with them and then they are perfect. I really like how the jeans themselves fit and they don't stretch out as much as Gap jeans do. My pair from the Gap (over belly) stays up better (not great but better) but stretch out big time in the jeans and I got one size down from pre-pregnancy. I should have gotten a 4 (this is in the sexy boot cut style, my skinnys fit fine in a 6). I don't like the under the belly band from gap because it gives me a muffin top (and I wear a size 8 so it's not like there's a ton of extra there). The band does feel much more secure than the over the belly style though. Try wearing your belly band with them until you get bigger, it really does help.
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