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Do you need the infant insert for the ergo?

I want to get an ergo but the infant insert seems really hot and it might be too hot to use outside right now which would make it useless to me and I really need it the most outside for playdates.

DS2 has pretty good head control already and he was already 10lbs at 2 weeks so I'm wondering if the insert might even be too small for him.

Do I really need the infant insert? TIA

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Re: Do you need the infant insert for the ergo?

  • I used the insert until about 3 months and the the "butt pillow" from the insert until about 5 months.  I was glad to have the insert, but I also had a winter baby and didn't need to worry about heat.
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  • I tried to use the ergo w/o the insert (using rolled up receiving blankets instead). It worked, kinda... my son was often unhappy. I think he didn't feel secure enough and didn't like his legs being smushed into my belly (he is not big enough to straddle my waist). Now I use it w/insert and he seems happier. My son has good head control, but was also smaller than your son at 2 weeks (he was ~8lbs). He is currently 12lbs and 9 weeks and we think we can probably use this for another 3-4 months, but we will have to see.
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  • I used one for my DS in the beginning. He was pretty little (7lbs) and while he had really good head control, the Bjorn and the Ergo without the carrier were just too big for him and he couldn't get comfortable. We would use it while working outside in the middle of the summer and while it was warmer (than without the insert) and we were both sweaty, it was probably 100 degrees outside. I could sell you mine. It was only used a handful of times. I don't remember what I paid, but I can check and see if you are interested and we could work out a fair deal.
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