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Sleep = Growth ????

On Monday my normally somewhat fussy LO was extra fussy, and seemed to take a couple more ounces of BM earlier in the day. Then, was picky about eating, as usual.  She slept through the night. (Not the first time, she also sttn on Sunday.)

Yesterday- she made up for lost sleep, I guess. Up at 5 am, back asleep by 6. Up at 830, back asleep until 10:30. Basically, this continued all day- she ate and slept. She actually ate a little less than she normally does. That concerned me. She slept thru the night.

This am- up at 5, after sleeping since 9pm. Took less than normal amount when fed. Back asleep by 6 again.

What the heck? I wonder if she displays her growth spurts differently. Looking back, she did take a little more BM than normal on Sunday and Monday. Hmmm. She was alert when awake yesterday, but not very fussy. If she is sacked out again today...should I be concerned? If she continues to take inless BM should I be concerned? Shes 7 weeks.


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Re: Sleep = Growth ????

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    A growth spurt is periods of fussiness followed by periods of sleep.
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    Our LO did exactly this when he had a growth spurt -- few days he was a hot mess, followed by a few days of non stop sleeping!  It's a lot of work growing I guess :c) He kind of reminded me of a hibernating bear -- eat eat eat and then sleep sleep sleep!
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