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Did you have Pregnancy induced Carpal Tunnel?

I found out about 2 weeks or so ago that the numbness in my hand is pregnancy induced carpal tunnel. My question is: How long after delivery did it go away or do you still have to deal with it?

It was fine at first but now it is really start to bug me. My pointer finger is almost completely numb all the time and some of my other fingers are starting to follow. I'm lucky I don't have any pain just the numbness but still. I'm going in tonight to be induced and I would kind of like an idea of how long after delivery I might have to deal with this.

And if the question comes up I have never had carpal tunnel before this is the first time. I do however work with my hands a lot, on the computer and just a ton of hands on stuff around the house.

If you have any other question I'll be checking this every now and again and will get to them as soon as I can. I'm still trying to get everything, last minute, together for my hospital stay.



Re: Did you have Pregnancy induced Carpal Tunnel?

  • I don't remember exactly how long but I think it was quick. A few days? Or maybe I was so distracted by all the other pain that I just plain forgot lol.
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  • For me it was a slow process.  I almost feel like it got worse for a few weeks and then started to improve.  Having a c-section with all of the swelling afterwards may have been the cause.  Not sure.  When I wake up some mornings I still feel tighness in my hands but it does go away. 


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  • I had it too the last month or two of pregnancy but it disappeared after the baby was born. Hopefully it will for you as well - good luck :)
  • Thanks that's what I was hoping.
  • Mine went away completely around 2 weeks postpartum but the constant pain and numbness was gone soon after delivery. I noticed that if LO needed a lot of patting to settle down that it would flair up some but nothing like it did when I was pregnant. Good Luck tonight!!
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  • I'm about 2 weeks and 3 days PP, and I'm still dealing with the same numbness I did when I was pregnant. My pointer/middle finger on my left hand are still completely numb. I was hoping it would go away immediately, but I'm not so lucky. Good luck :)
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  • imagerchabalie:
    I'm about 2 weeks and 3 days PP, and I'm still dealing with the same numbness I did when I was pregnant. My pointer/middle finger on my left hand are still completely numb. I was hoping it would go away immediately, but I'm not so lucky. Good luck :)

     That's totally what I'm dealing with left hand and all (well minus the fact that I am still pregnant too). Luckily my middle finger isn't totally numb yet but my pointer is. I hope yours gets better soon. From what all the other ladies are saying it sound like it'll take some time (some longer than others) but it does go away which I'm glad to hear.

    To All: Thanks for all the well wishes and I hope you all the best as well!

  • My carpal tunnel for sure got worse after delivery :( I'm waiting for it to get better but I'm thinking of going to an accupuncturist (sp?)....I did OT (occupational therapy) while pregnant but I don't feel like it made any difference...and I've heard good things about accupuncture....my baby was born on 9//10.....and I really thought it would go away when the swelling in my feet did but no :(

    Good luck to you! 

  • Mine only flared up in the morning. I continued for a week or so, but was less intense.
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  • It took a little while for my carpal tunnel to go away.  It seemed like every day it got a little better, until one day I realized I finally had feeling in ALL of my fingers again!  I think it took a few weeks for it to fully go away.
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  • I got Carpal Tunnel about 2 months before delivery and fortunately it went away as soon as I had our son. It was weird that suddenly it was gone but I definitely wasn't complaining. I also didn't have any Carpal Tunnel symptoms prior to pregnancy and haven't had any since!
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  • Mine is almost completely gone and I'm 5 days postpartum. It only flares up a tiny bit in the morning!
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  • Mine was awful, especially in the mornings.  It has finally gone away but it took a couple months for me.
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  • Mine started in January and I had my baby in July, it was terrible. Holding a toothbrush was agony in the morning.

    It went away within a week or two after birth. 

  • I am still waiting for mine to go away! It is hell trying to snap the little buttons on babies onesies or change diapers in the dark, when you can't feel your fingers.
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  • I read all these posts looking for something relating to my problem & this is the most similar. I had minor pain in my left wrist, I delivered Feb 23, and have been having worsening pain on my rt hand & wrist! I don't know when its going to get better, I am starting to worry this has never happened to me before. I'm not comfortable picking my beautiful daughter up.
  • Moo72Moo72 member
    I am 5w2d post-partum and I still have a little tingliness left but it has improved steadily since giving birth (it started about 2 months before giving birth). If I have my wrists bent when I sleep I'll wake up with my hands asleep but during the day they are to the point where I can feel my fingers again but there's a little residual feeling of scratchiness left (hard to describe). Hang in there, it should get better over time. I second the poster who said it's hard to snap onesies when you can't feel your fingers. Zippers were my friend when he was first born.
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  • I got this as well.  Started about midway through pregnancy and mostly went away.   Almost a year after birth I still get occasional flare ups but not nearly as bad as before.  Try to get cold on your wrists to get that inflammation down to help get the blood through.  Take a look at this website, I purchased these wraps and they helped a lot.  Especially this long after, it is good to have on hand when I do get flare ups.
  • I had it and it lasted a week or two after giving birth. I am fine now (2 months out)
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  • I had this, I'm only 2 weeks pp n occasionally I still get the numbness but not nearly as often as I did. I can tell it's almost faded.
  • I haven't had a flare up in weeks now.  Maybe it is finally over with!!!
  • So I am coming back to this.  Starting to think about baby #2.  Is it common for it to come back in full force with the next pregnancy?  I am hoping it is different second time around.  Mine was so bad.
  • I had it with my first - though it was only post pardom - but not my other two subsequent pregnancies thankfully.
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  • I am one month pp from a c-section and still have numbness and tingling at the tips of my fingers on one hand. its much better but still really painful at times.

  • xuxachi said:
    I had it with my first - though it was only post pardom - but not my other two subsequent pregnancies thankfully.
    This is good news!!!
  • I am currently 8 wks postpartum, still have carpal tunnel in my right wrist, although it finally seems to be improving.  I only had it in my right hand, which I did have surgery on 7 years ago (but have never had carpal tunnel before).  It used to be very painful, especially any movement with my thumb.  I wear a splint at night so I won't bend in some weird position while sleeping.  When the pain was really bad, I used to wear it in the day as well.  Currently I am left with mild pain and tightness- my thumb does not have full range of motion yet.  It started when I was around 36 wks, I had my baby at 39 wks.  I did not have it with my first child, only my second pregnancy.
  • PP, The pain in the thumb is consistent with De Quarvains, which essentially is tendonitis of the thumb.  A lot of people get misdiagnosed with this apparently.  Only know this as my SIL had it. I never heard of it before.  Look into the these cold wraps. It should help that area as well. http://www.kingbrand.com/Carpal_Tunnel_Syndrome_Treatment.php?REF=34PV90.280
  • So after asking a couple people about this, I heard the weight of the baby could have an effect. Bigger baby, more joint pain. @xuxachi was there a weight difference from your first compared to second and third.  Not sure I understand this.
  • @ashleyorm - sorry, I just saw this question, so sorry for the late response.  If you're still wondering, no, there wasn't a significant difference in weight between the babies.  But I do think that I was more awkward with breastfeeding with the first that may have caused my wrist to bend in a way that aggravated the problem.
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  • It is five days past my delivery date and my hands are swelling more and the pain is actually worse at times. Feels like nerves are getting stuck and pulled. Did you try acupuncture? Did it work? Other advice?
  • That is my exact complaint about the snaps on clothes and not feeling the diaper fasteners to seal the diaper. I'm 16 days postpartum and have a cortisone shot in hand last Friday, and don't have any improvement. It's really hard to deal with. :( I hope it gets better so I don't have surgery and then I can't take care of my lo after. 
  • I came down with pregnancy induced carpal tunnel when I was about 35 weeks pregnant and the symptoms didn't go away until about 6 or 7 weeks postpartum. I was otherwise healthy and was really glad the carpal tunnel went away without having to see a specialist! 
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