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Carter needs eye surgery

And I'm surprisingly OK with it.  I've come a loooong way since my initial post regarding his eyes back in March. As you recall, he was diagnosed with accomodative esotrophia and they gave him bifocals, and he has to wear a patch for 2 hours  He's never complained about it once.

The patch has significantly improved the sight in the "bad" eye.  We started at 20/140, and now he is at 20/25-30.  Great progress.  But the muscles still aren't working together like they should and it causes his eyes to cross when focusing.  So he will be having surgery in the next month.  There's a possibility that he may need more than one surgery, but i'm hopeful that one should do the trick. 

He said to me in the dr. office yesterday that he didn't want to have to wear glasses. Poor little guy.  He's never said it before and I wonder if the transistion to Kindergarten has something to do with it.  I asked if anyone teased him about it, and he said no.  The bonus with the surgery, is that there is an 80% chance that he will no longer need glasses with a bifocal lens.  There is also a 50% chance that he won't need glasses at all after the surgery.  That would be so awesome, but i'm trying not to be too hopeful. 

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  • I have had eye muscle surgery twice. Once as a baby and once the summer before my senior year of college. I still need my glasses but the surgery helped tremendously. I feel for Carter. I hated wearing my glasses as a kid. I hope he has a speedy recovery and that you guys get great results from the surgery. GL! 
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  • Awww, I'm sorry you guys have to deal with this, but I'm really hopeful that the 50% comes through and he won't need glasses at all anymore!  And good for you for having such a positive outlook- that will help him more than anything!  When is he going to have it done?  Definitely keep us posted!






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  • Aww, poor little guy!  I am thinking good thoughts for you and hope the surgery improves his sight tremendously!

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  • so sorry to hear about this but sounds like you're in a good place with it and it sounds like the surgery will really be helpful!  poor little dude though.  big hugs to him and you momma!
  • I hope the surgery is a great success!  I know it must be hard to have to deal with this but I'm glad the surgery will be able to give Carter some improved vision and potential for no glasses.  Good luck!
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  • Kerrin! I am praying that it only takes this one surgery. And if not Carter is sooo resourceful and so full of strength you guys will get through this! He is handsome with and without glasses.. .but I have had glasses since 8 years old and I know how kids can be. Frankly , I dont think Carter cares what they think!!

    Keep us posted!! (((hugs)))

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  • So sorry to hear that.  : (  But it sounds like you are in a great mind set.  I will be sending positive thoughts, and vibes your way.
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  • I'm so sorry to hear that he needs surgery, but I think you have the perfect outlook. I really hope that everything goes well and this surgery takes care of it all so he doesn't have to wear glasses. He is so darn cute with them though! Big hugs lady!
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