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Feel weird about LO sleeping in wet diaper all night

Hi all, so for a couple weeks now my LO has been doing wonderfully with sleeping at night. I wake her at 5:00am to be fed ad get changed. We both then go back to sleep until 10:00am. I know most bumpies say never to wake a sleeping baby. I am just skeeved out by the idea of her sleeping in a wet diaper for too long. I put her in one of the "Pampers 12 hour" diapers, but I just feel weird about letting her sleep longer than 5am in it.
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Re: Feel weird about LO sleeping in wet diaper all night

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    Let her sleep at night.  She'll wake up if she's uncomfortable or hungry.  If she starts getting a rash then put diaper cream on before bedtime or change her at that point more frequently.

    DS has no problem sleeping at night even if he's peed.  I don't wake him at night (I do wake during the day so that he saves his best sleep for nighttime)...when he wakes then I change him and feed him.  If he poops while eating I will change him again, but if he doesn't, he gets changed before eating then it's back to bed.  If he sleeps all night I don't worry about changing him until he wakes.


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    I wouldn't worry about it, enjoy your sleep!
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    I was worried at first too, but I usually just put a little extra powder on his butt before he goes to bed and let him sleep. I'm afraid if I wake him up at night he'll get out of this wonderful habit of sleeping so well at night!

    Babies are pretty instinctual - if something bothers them, they'll let you know!

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    She's fine. Put some rash cream on if you think she needs a barrier.

    Are you always going to wake her up in the middle of the night for a diaper change? I mean, she's going to be in diapers or pull-ups at night until she's at least 2, probably longer. Some kids can be potty trained through the day sooner than that, but night-time is a betch.

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    I stopped changing her diaper at night unless she's pooped. I just put a nice slathering of diaper cream on before that last diaper of the night. She's never had a rash.
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    I was concerned about this, too.

    My nurse told me that urine is sterile and that most diapers now days are super absorbant. She said not to worry about baby being in a wet diaper during the night. She also said to make sure to change poopy diapers right away because they can cause UTI and other infections if left too long.

    So don't worry if your LO is in a wet diaper for a few hours while you both are sleeping. As long as you are changing frequently during the day it should be fine.


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    We have the dilemma of getting DS to sleep and 5 mins later pooping.  We end up trying to strategically pick him up to change him with the least stimulation possible but we haven't quite mastered that yet.  We notice after a stretch that his diaper is completely soaked but he doesn't seem to be irritated by it.   
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