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Skin rash near incision site

I have what looks like a skin rash near the incision site- it actually looks like it is where the surgical dressings might have been.  I'm not allergic to latex as far as I know and so I'm wracking my brain trying to figure out why I have this...I was wearing those mesh underwear that the hospital provided up until I noticed the rash and then stopped.  I was also thinking it might be the nursing pillow I'm using.  Has anyone had anything like this before?  I'm seeing my doctor in a few days so I'll bring it up to him then (I don't think he'll have any trouble noticing it though).

Re: Skin rash near incision site

  • put some benadryl cream on it.  its probably from your dressing and having a small amount of blood sitting there when it was on
  • You're probably reacting to something from the surgery.  After my c/s I had a rash all over my belly with straight lines where something had obviously been on my skin, and also in a perfect rectangle around my epidural site.  My doctor gave me cortisone cream and it cleared up in about a week.

    I don't know exactly what I reacted to but I make sure to mention it if I'm having anything medical done so they can try to use hypoallergenic supplies.


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  • I had the same thing for about 2-3 weeks. I figured I was allergic to the mesh undies or my skin was just irritated from the dressings, etc.
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  • Yes, I had an allergic reaction to the surgical tape.  It was kind of like hives.  The doctor saw me in office for it and told me to take benadryl by mouth and use an otc anti-itch cream until it cleared up.  I think she also prescribed an antibiotic to be on the safe side (it looked really bad, but cleared up within a few days.)  Good luck,  It will get better soon.

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  •  same thing happened to me, it was from the dressing. it will go away within the first few weeks


  • I had it from the steri strips after my staples were out.  It went away after a week or so.
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  • I had a rash after surgery for approximately a week and a half...I was mildly allergic to the betadine solution they put on my abdomen during the surgery. My rash was up to my belly button and a straight line across. It didn't really itch, and went away on its own. 
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