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Has anyone had experience with a birthing center? 

I'm not  sure they will take me in because I'm 18 weeks and my first baby was 10lb 7oz and had SD, but I think I will have a better pregnancy and delivery if I can switch. I'm currently with a group of CNMs that deliver at a teaching hospital. I have such awful memories with my first birth and have serious issues with the CNM who delivered her and my chances of having her again are over 30%. 

Anyway, I'm calling them to ask questions tomorrow, but I'm curious about your experiences. I also read that some will not let you birth in their center if you go past 41 weeks? I don't want to gamble over getting that awful CNM, but I also don't want the added stress of having to change plans if I go past my due date. 


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  • My BC delivers babies born between 37 & 42 weeks gestation. It's a group practice so I don't have control over who will be on call when I go into labor but I like the general culture of the practice and the MWs I've met so far are great. I'll meet the rest before the EDD so it won't be a stranger.

    I had 2 appointments at another BC in the city but their professional culture just wasn't for me - you deserve to feel comfortable! If the local MW practices aren't a good match you, there might be an OB out there who's totally on board with your birth plan. Good luck!

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  • As for taking you with your complications/situations, only they can answer that so you should give them a call or set up a meet and greet. The gestational age depends on the individual birth center and your state. At my birth center they'll deliver anyone between 37-42 weeks. I LOVE my birth center and I would advise that if you can get into a freestanding birth center to do it. My experience has been very positive thus far. I have so much less stress knowing I wont need to fight with my providers in labor since their philosophies are the same as mine. GL! 

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  • I had my second at a birth center and am going to them again for #3. 

    I had some awful memories from my first hospital birth and that is what pushed me to a birth center.  They were absolutely amazing!!  Which is why I'm going to them again.  My birth center accepts patients at 18+ weeks all the time as long as they have space in the month you will be delivering in.  since they are the only birth center in my entire state they fill up a lot of months well in advance now. 

    They also will deliver from 37w to 42w.  After 41w they start talking to you more about natural induction methods, but if you get to 42w you risk out and are transferred to their referral OB.

    I would definitely call them and discuss your concerns and see what they say about them.

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  • I switched to a homebirth at 25 weeks.  Give them a call. I doubt they will care how big your first baby was.  If they do, then you won't want to give birth there anyway.


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  • Not sure what SD is, but size shouldnt be an issue. My birth center will deliver until 43 weeks before they have to transfer, but msot women don't go near that long. Good Luck! I switched from a group of CNM's to a birth center and I love it! The birth center midwives are sooooooo much nicer than the CNM's.

  • I would recommend that you set up some time to go in and meet the team at the birth center(s) near you. We did that and peppered them with questions before signing up. They helped me understand the types of scenarios that would involve my care moving from the birth center to the hospital- in most cases they could keep you at the birth center, but in some special situations they would move you. Even then you could keep support of your midwife if you wanted.
  • I plan on using the complete care birthing center here in Richmond, VA. I think that as long as the position is OK and you're not having any complications, you should be able to deliver there. Just call :)


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