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Intro from merry 'ol England!

Glad to have found this site and board! My husband and I are stationed over in England and it has been hard being pregnant so far away from home. Luckily, we have vonage so I can call home whenever!

This is our first baby and first overseas station so it's a lot to wrap the mind around.

Just wanted to introduce myself!


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Re: Intro from merry 'ol England!

  • Hi
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  • Megan!!!! Where in England are you? We JUST got back from there about 3 months ago.
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  • We are at RAF Mildennhall!  It's beautiful here, just wish it wasn't such a long flight home!
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  • We just PCS'd in from Lakenheath.

    How long have ya'll been there? Have you dont any traveling? I miss the traveling but I do NOT miss the weather. I miss going to the antique auctions. That was my guilty pleasure.

    I hope you all make great use of your time there and travel as much as you can!!!

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  • Hi and welcome Megan!
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  • Nice! We just PCS'd from Lakenheath. Glad to be stateside, but I miss the scones and cream. :)
  • Hi Megan.  We are on our way to Lakenheath in less than 90 days!  I can't believe it's already coming so soon.  Welcome.
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  • Welcome and congrats on the pregnancy!
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  • Thanks, everyone!

    We've been in England over a year now and have traveled some. Haven't made it out of the country, yet! We are going to Wales and Ireland in about a month, so I'm excited about that.

    I really like the weather here! lol I grew up in Oklahoma, a state of extreme weather, and I really like the calmness here. I don't much care for the super short winter days, though!

    I really love the scones! I have to be careful because I would eat them everyday! Emily's from Mildenhall are my favourite but the Lunch Box in Ely makes a good scone, too!

    Belleaur, that's really exciting! We are stationed at Mildenhall, but live on Lakenheath.  Let me know if you need any info. :)

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