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Hello All! I am a new mom and baby is due in December. I am already freaking out about daycare/nanny/babysitter....I will need it come February when I go back to work..I was wondering what your opinions are on which is better and if you have an recommendations especially on day cares...They have to be in the Manhattan area.


Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much! 

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  • We were in the Bright Horizons at 20 Pine for a while, down in the Wall Street area.  the only con is the price - we just switched to the federal daycare program because i had been on a waiting list for over a year and it is $1,000/month cheaper, but we are nowhere near as happy as we were at 20 Pine, even though they're both Bright Horizons facilities.  the 20 Pine people were just so much warmer, the rooms were laid out way better, there is a nice big stroller parking area and they don't make you fold them up every day - i would highly recommend it.  it also is fairly large so we were able to get in within a month of when we needed to, since my name didn't come up on the waiting list by the time i went back to work.  if we could justify the price difference, we'd be back there in a heartbeat.
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  • Hello! I also toured Bright Horizons at 20 Pine and they were a bit pricey. But my friend told me about a brand new school opening in Battery Park called The Learning Experience. I have heard great things about them. I am looking into it for my two year old, you should check them out. Hope this helps!
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