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Choosing a hosital- Manhattan or Westchester

I'm freaking out over this and I am only 6 weeks along.  I live in the BX but I don't like any hositals here.  My regular ob is associated with St. Johns in Yonkers but I definately don't want to go there.  Now I can't decide if I should go with Westchester or Manhattan.

I like Manhattan for the proximity to alot of my family but I feel like parking will put people out.  Part of me thinks this is ridiculous and I should just worry about the birth experience but somehow I keep thinking about it.

I don't want to be pushed into a csection and lots of breastfeeding support is important to me.  I don't know how else I should decide.  I do plan on speaking with the OB I saw to confirm pregnancy to see what she says.  Shes associated with Lenox hill and St Lukes Roosevelt.

 Any opinions would be very helpful.

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Re: Choosing a hosital- Manhattan or Westchester

  • Everyone I know in Westchester delivers in NYC.
  • I am in this boat also. I am looking at St.luke's for the birthing center and NY presbyterian as it gets the best reviews
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  • I read so many reviews about St. Lukes that it turned me off.  Now I am thinking Lenox Hill? St Lukes is very close to me since I am in Riverdale but I'm not sure.

    I chose a doctor that was affiliated with both and saw her for my initial appt and it turns out she doesn't deliver babies.  I still don't have a doctor now.

     Since I'm not telling yet, I can't exactly ask around either.

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  • I had to make the same decision, so understand your angst.  I was living on the UWS and my OBGYN was associated with NYU, but we just recently moved to Westchester and I thought about switching to something closer.  After researching the hospitals and OBGYNs up here and talking to alot of people, I decided to stick with NYU.  I didn't like the c-section rates up here (totally generalizing), and couldn't find ANYONE who would recommend their OB or hospital.  NYU is a baby friendly hospital which means that they promote things like being able to move around and choose different positions during L&D, encourage breastfeeding and make sure the baby is with you at all times (unless medically necessary) - all things that really appealed to me.  I'll mean a bit of a drive, but since this is my first birth, I'm hoping it works out :)   Good luck with your decision.

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  • I delived in at Northern Westchester in Mt. Kisco. It was wonderful. Ton of support for breast feeding. I spent a lot of time with the lactation consultants there and they are always avaliable to call once you go home.  Might be a little far for you  but worth looking into!
  • I live in Queens and am delivering at NYU. I have also heard great things about elmhurst hospital in Queens for newborn/ maternal care.
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  • I had an amazing experience at Lenox Hill and totally recommend it!
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