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vocabulary ?

the previous post got me thinking.

Lo is 19 months and he only says about 15 words.he hasen't stopped saying any but just doesn't say much at all. i have always read alot to him and talk to him consistently all day. He understands everything i say and copy's me alot. at18month wcc pedi said he should have 50plus words by 2. it just seems to me like 15 is not much at all.

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Re: vocabulary ?

  • Thats similar to DD. She understands what you tell her but she is up to 20-25 words now. She would rather just use her own language than what everyone else is using but she has gotten better at saying what she wants food wise. Or if you are bugging her she knows to tell you to stop. I just hope its not a sign of something else.

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  • When I took my son to the pedi for his 18 month appointment I was told anywhere between 5-20 words is normal.  Your's sounds right on track!

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  • My pedi told me toddlers should have 20 words by 20 months (meaning 20 words used on a regular daily basis).

  • DD has somewhere between 100-150 but she has a friend speaking in sentences and plenty of friends with a whole lot less.  It just seems like the normal range is huge at this age still.
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  • 50 seems like alot to me. My pedi is more in line with the "20 words by 20 months".DD is very verbal. I lost count a long time ago at how many words she says. However she didn't start walking til 17 months. I think this is just another example of kids doing things at different speeds. If he has 15 words that he uses consistently he is showing that he is developing language skills. As long as he keeps adding to the list I wouldn't worry.
  • thanks Ladies for the input. i just feel like sometimes only the people around him understand him well. i keep encouraging him to speak more.
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  • DD is 20 months and has about 40-50 words but I would say every day she learns a new word and is just now starting to repeat everything I say :) Your LO sounds right on track! DD is very vocal and seems to be ahead of herself in terms of speech. I wouldn't worry!
  • Sounds okay for now.  DS is about 21 months and just now starting to say TONS of words.  It will come.
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