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FU- I'm going to need a waaaambulence (vent)

I was doing better emotionally with everything on my plate, UNTIL NOW.  My Dr. appointment to figure out the numbness in my leg and arms hs been cancelled because someone is having a baby.  I can understand that, but MONDAY is not an appropriate time to reschedule me.  I have a 10 month old and I can't feel my arms or work my hands very well.  It is getting worse with each passing day, and the two toes that were numb has turned in to my WHOLE leg, and you people think it's ok for me to wait until MONDAY to be seen?   UUUUGHHHH.

Maybe it's because I'm living this, but does this not seem a tad concerning?  When my arms went numb I considered going to the ER, thankfully my chiropractor took my call on a saturday at 10:00 PM and saw me on a sunday.  Five days seems like forever when each passing day, I'm worse.Crying

Re: FU- I'm going to need a waaaambulence (vent)

  • I am a crybaby. I would've done been to the ER.
  • I would go to either the ER or Urgent Care if they can't get you in.
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  • I would go to the ER those are not minor symptoms and can mean things like slipped discs etc.  You need to get seen this week and if your doc cant do it then go the the ER.

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  • Thanks ladies.  I get that my doctor's office is very busy, but the syptoms do not seem minor to me either.  Is it unreasonable, since they re conceling people's appointments anyway, to like re-schedule a kid's check-up or something?  It's not like I'm asking her to leave the birth!

  • imagefredalina:
    I'm confused.  Are you seeing an OB about this?  (Because of rescheduling due to someone having a baby, made me think this...)  I think I'd see a neurologist or internist instead of an OB/GYN.  If you can't get seen, go to the ER.

    It is a family practice that has an OB department.  She works in both.  She saw me while I was pregnant and is now both mine and my son's doctor.  She will just be the first step in a long chain of referrals and specialists I'm sure, and that is why I'm so anxious to get the process started.  I'm certain that the next step for me will be an MRI, but I need her to order that.  I even begged the nurse I spoke with to just have her order it, but no dice. 

  • Goodness! Go to the ER!
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  • The babies have been born.  I'm in the waiting room now.
  • GL! Let us know how it goes.

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  • Good luck!
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  • Good luck!  I was going to tell you to get your butt in the car and go to the ER after reading your OP.
  • Update:  Still numb, MRI is ordered.  My doc said that she is fairly certain it's a spine issue and not a brain issue (uh... good! Indifferent), so the MRI is the next step.
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