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sleeping schedule 10 weekers

So we had a sort of sleep schedule and pattern but lately our DD decided that she should wake up at 2am and stay up and kvetch till 4something then nap then wake up for the 5 am feeding


our schedule is sort of or was - 8pm 4oz pumped they sleep till 11pm at 11pm we get them in PJ's and swaddle and 4+ oz and then they usually sleep till 5am

Feeding at 5am  back to sleep then another at 8 am  4+ oz then a huge nap from 9-2 sometimes but usually 12 and then free schedule during the day nurse rest awake time repeat till about 5pm and then we wind down ..

 Any one have suggestions ?

Two girls 10 weeks 9lbs and 10lbs  born at 1 day shy of 37weeks only 1 week in nicu

are we missing something?


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Re: sleeping schedule 10 weekers

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    Well they say that preemies can sometimes hit milestones slower so this could be their 6 week growth spurt maybe? OR they could be hitting their 3 month early.
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