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Big City Moms Baby Shower reviews?

Hi, I am debting whether it's worth it or not to splurge $80 on a ticket for the Big City Moms baby shower in NYC. Has anyone ever attended before? What did you all think? Was the goody bag worth it?

We're trying to be more frugal, when there's a baby on the way... every penny counts! 

Re: Big City Moms Baby Shower reviews?

  • I'm trying to figure out the same thing! Great question. I was also wondering what was in that bag ;) My boyfriend and I were actually considering getting the $100 ticket since you get a free carrier- though they seem rather bulky- lots of clips and straps and padded fabric. But who knows- maybe I'll be begging for one at some point for relief of carrying a baby around!

     Seems like a good opp to research so many different products at once- that was my main draw.

     We'll see! =)

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  • Thanks for your feedback, hopefully the event and goody bag will be worth it!
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  • I've attended and the gift bags are absolutely incredible! Totally worth going just for that alone. There are many product designers that are showing off their products and the speakers are great too.

    There will be a much more reasonable priced new parent event coming up on Oct 15th and 16th, The New Parents Expo, The entrance fee is much cheaper, the venue is tremendous and they are going to have about 100+ product designers and service providers. They are also going to have amazing speakers, Dr. Harvey Karp, Rosie Pope, Dr. Sears, etc. You can find more about it on their website above.

     Congratulations on expecting!

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