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My kid is one in a million.

Literally.  She really is.  Wellll....actually, she's one in TWO MILLION.  Ya know how the doc gives you the odds of things.  Like 1 in 5492 that this will happen or like 1 in 398 that your child will have this?  Even like 1 in 64.  And your thinking "Wow, those are pretty good odds.  What are the chances of my child really being that one?"

Last night I couldn't sleep so I pulled up Dr. Google to read into some of her medical "issues" (for lack of a better word).  I do this from time to time just to see if there is any new research or developments.  I guess, when we finally got the official diagnosis of her latest "issue" I must have never confronted Dr. Google, cause I'm pretty sure I would remember seeing that she is, in fact, 1 in 2,000,000.

She's go a heap of vision impairments.  She's got cataracts in both eyes, nystagmus in both eyes, near sightedness in both eyes and a coloboma / Morning Glory Syndrome in her right eye.  The chances of a coloboma / Morning Glory Syndrome? 1 in 2,000,000.

She could have been one of the 1,999,999 children born without this condition, but no, she's the one.  I guess somebody has to be the one, right?  I now realize this is why it took six years for the diagnosis (we had been told she has a tumor since she was two years old), none of her doctors (and she's got a lot of em) have ever seen one of these things.  

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Re: My kid is one in a million.

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