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WHYYYY must it be so hot! I was out running errands at around 2pm today and was sweating everywhere! My mom laughs at me, she reminds me to be glad i'm not 8 months pregnant in this heat! I've been blaming my ice cream cravings on the summer heat :)

This is our first baby, i'm not familiar with San Antonio family "stuff"! What's out there?! My husband is disabled due to cancer in his younger years, he will be the stay at home dad. Do others of these exist in San Antonio?!



  • The heat never seems to let up here!  I will say that I for one and VERY happy I'm not 8 mos during our summers!  I will be delivering in the "winter" - *ahem* cooler months.  

    We like to do a lot.  We use to frequent the indoor play places but last year our favorite one closed.  We've been to MiniTown, Funtastic Playland, Inflatable Wonderland and a few others.  I just feel as though none of them are as clean as the place we use to go.  But, since it's your first, you have a while before worrying about those places.  I use to take my son to The Little Gym and he loved it.  Now that he's older we go to the zoo, San Antonio Children's Museum, Witte Museum, Sea World, Splashtown, a few of the local parks, and The Twig bookstore (for story time).  

    My husband doesn't stay home (I do), but he's around a lot and when he has days off during the week he enjoys going with us to all of those places and likes to take our son for father/son days.  
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  • I feel your pain!  I was full-term during summer 2009 and it was hot, hot, hot!  My husband is a stay-at-home dad too.  He enjoys it, but he hasn't been able to connect with any other stay-at-home dads.  I can't say we've been actively trying, though :)

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  • I really enjoy the various story times offered by the libraries around San Antonio,   they have a specific baby time, toddler time and story time so you can go to the one that fits your child's age.

    If you're child isn't walking yet I think the best indoor play place is the children's musuem downtown, they're toddler/baby area is pretty nice.   The Mckenna children's musuem in New Braunfels is nicer overall but their baby/toddler area isn't as nice IMHO.   I've been to minitown, funtastic playland and just add children.   Minitown is nice but it's baby area is small and most of the play activities for older kids are imaginative play so not great for younger toddlers.    Funtastic playland is mostly climbing structures and slides, my 18 month old loved it.   Their baby area was okay.   Just add Children is my least favorite, it is very small and crowded.  

    We've had a zoo pass since my little one was 6 months old and I love it.   We don't go too much during the summer but the rest of the year we go 2 to 3 times a month.   It's the perfect size to go through in a few hours and I really like their toddler area.  When it's warm enough be sure to bring a swim diaper and your child can splash in the riverbank area.  

    We just started swim lessons at Love to Swim and while pricey IMO, my son seems to enjoy them.   I think you can start swim lessons at 6 months but not positive, they also have a tumbling program which we go to, but your child needs to be walking.   Personally I think the Little Gym has a better gymnastics class then Love to Tumble but it is much more expensive than Love to Tumble.  

    Finally there is a free magazine called SA Kids (I think) that lists events coming up in the area.  

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