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high risk OB rec in Manhattan?

would greatly appreciate any recommendations. perhaps someone who is attentive, doesn't mind explaining and not particulary invasive or interventional?

thank you again. 


Re: high risk OB rec in Manhattan?

  • I'd highly recommend Dr. Ordorica at NYU.  He doesn't take insurance, but he does submit to your insurance.  So if your insurance pays 70% out of network, your would be responsible for the rest.  It may seem like a lot, but I think its worth it and here's why.....I went to other obs who took my insurance for the first 6 1/2 months of my pregnancy.  I still had to pay quite a bit for those visits and they were very brief - about 10 min total with 5 minutes with the doctor.  They didn't give me a whole lot of information and ended up missing 3 major problems, even though I saw 3 OBs and a high risk Dr.  I switched to Dr. O and went to him only 3 times.  Each time he spent about 2 hours with me and explained everything.  On top of that he delivers all of his babies himself - which is almost unheard of.  He is extremely thorough and in those 3 visits caught all three problems that the other doctors missed.  One was a very rare and fatal problem if it's unknown, with a fatality rate of 90% for the baby.  Luckily he diagnosed me 3 hours before my water broke (at 29 weeks) and my baby was fine because we knew about the problem and had a c section.  Two weeks earlier my other doctors told me I could definitely have a vaginal birth.  It would have killed my little baby and put me at risk as well.  

    On top of Dr. O being fantastic, NYU has top of the line equipment that makes diagnosing these difficult problems possible.  


    My experience with him was so wonderful, that I am seriously thinking about only going to doctors that do not take insurance.  Insurance companies put pressure on doctors to see a certain number of patients a day, so they are forced to spend a limited time with their patients.  If a doctor doesn't take insurance, he/she can spend as much time as they like with their patients.  Good luck!


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