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Dr. Katrina Bradley- anyone go to her?

Just wondering if anyone was a patient at her office- I have my first appt Tuesday, but unfortunately have read terrible reviews about the office!

A friend recommended her...... any Dr. Bradley patients out there? 

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Re: Dr. Katrina Bradley- anyone go to her?

  • I saw another doctor in the practice whom I LOVE. Dr. Bradley performed my c/s. PM me if you have any specific questions or I can tell you about the doctors and the office more discreetly. 
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  • I am treating with her - so far so good... in my second trimester.  And a friend's coworker had a good experience with the practice. The only bad thing I've really read is that another dr. in the practice is not as warm as the others.. . what have you seen - anything specific I may have encountered yet?


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  • I've read similar stories about the other doctor.... I went for my very first appt with her 2 weeks ago. I guess I was pleased. She seems very nice- nothing to report except the condition of the office- dirty bathroom (tp on the ground, signs with scribbles of pen everywhere) and outdated equiptment. Her sonogram machine is sooooo old! But she said when I go to HEAR the heartbeat instead of SEE it, I'll be at the hospital anyway where the machines are better.

    I did see that they are moving offices though, in order to get more space. Hopefully this one will be bigger and cleaner. =) This one is a little "mom and pop".

    Since your in your 2nd tri, do you feel like you get adequate attention and thorough appointments?

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  • Do you have an email address I can discuss my experience with you in private. 
  • love love love Dr. Bradley, and the entire practice.  Office is a crowded disaster but imo it's worth it. 

    Weren't able to get onto Bradley's roster so we worked with Dr. Schulina.  Bradley was on when we were admitted to hospital, Dr. Wang ended up delivering. All wonderful.  Totally credit Dr. Wang & the general values of the practice for the fact that my DP avoided a c-section; she wanted a vaginal delivery and they were willing to try anything and everything they could to make it happen. They assessed safety and let her keep going, ultimately delivering with suction after 45 hours. I'm certain that most hospitals/doctors would have ordered a section hours earlier.


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