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Emily Deschanel of Bones: "I'm a total hippie."

I'm a huge Bones fan and I was happy to see that Emily Deschanel ("Bones") plans on attachment parenting. :) I extended-breastfed and co-slept with my DD. I don't know, there's something cool about finding that you're not so weird after all. hehe :)

And when it comes to breastfeeding, Deschanel says she will "absolutely" do it for a year, and maybe longer.

"I'm a total hippie, so we will co-sleep and breastfeed," she says adamantly. "It's cheap and much better for the environment, and you don't have to lug all that stuff around. I'm not saying it's for everyone, but I'm determined, even if it's hard at first."

As for her advice for other first-time mothers out there, she keeps it simple.

"Trust your instincts. I love that."

 Source: The Insider, Fit Pregnancy Magazine

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