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Business of Being Born

Has anyone seen the movie called The Business of Being Born? Its a documentary film about childbirth in a hospital or having a midwife and having it at home. Wondered if anyone had any thoughts?

Re: Business of Being Born

  • Our bradley instructor lent it to us when we were taking the classes. Very interesting. But I am all into natural birth so others may disagree and find it to be too anti-doctor.

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  • It does have an agenda and is anti-doctor, but it raises some good points. After seeing it and reading up on things, I decided that I was in favor of going natural. However, I wasn't sure how painful my labor and delivery would actually be.

    In the end, I had a very fast and not difficult labor, and I gave birth med-free after arriving at the hospital about 20 or 30 minutes before the baby was born. In that short time frame, the hospital did offer me an epidural (which I almost caved and got but then it was too late) and gave me an IV with pitocin (not sure why, since I was already fully dilated). My recovery was much easier than it would have been if I'd had an epidural, c-section, etc.

    If I have another baby, I might go with the birthing center at St. Luke's. Now I know I can go natural, but I'd still like to have access to doctors in case something goes horribly wrong. 


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