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I can sleep when I am dead, right?

Why couldn't my child get her sleeping gene from DH. He could sleep through cannon fire. I got 4.5 hours of sleep, broken up in 1 to 1.5 hour sections and then woke up to find we are out of coffee filters. It was horrible!! Crying

She is tired why won't she sleep? I don't get it. Judge me all you want but I reused the filter from yesterday. I need my coffee.

P.S. I love you ladies but if anyone post something like, "I am sorry you didn't get any sleep. I don't know how that feels because my baby sleeps 14 hours a night and has since she was 2 minutes old."  I am going to send a singing throat punch telegram to your house.

Re: I can sleep when I am dead, right?

  • I've always wanted a singing telegram. But unfortunately I feel your pain 9/10 nights. My mom keeps telling me it won't last forever, but I have my doubts.
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  • I won't be blowing smoke up your arse.  LOL.

    My toddler (19.5 months old) still sleeps like crap.  I am usually up about 3-4 times a night.

    Dude, sleep when you are dead. Stick out tongue

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  • honey I have been there is absolutely awful. we did some modified sleep training with d s, feel free to p m me if you want any help in that regard. There was no CIO, but there was crying. lack of sleep is absolutely terrible but when trying to modify d s I learned a lot. like I said you can always p m me. there is a way to get sleep before you die
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  • Sleep is overrated...or at least that's what I tell myself to make me feel better.  DD1 didn't STTN until 12.5 months old.  She still  probably wakes up at least once per week (it's been a lot more lately) for teething (hasn't gotten her 2 year molars), nightmares, etc.  Couple that with nurse-aholic DD2, and I'm probably up 4x per night.
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