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Room Rental for 1st Birthday Party

Hello. I need ideas on where I can rent a room for DS's first birthday party in December. I've tried a few community centers and I'm just having some issues with room size. I'm looking at having around 50 people on a Sunday from 11am-1pm and I need a fairly inexpensive room (like $25 an hour or less). Please let me know if you have an idea of where to look. Oh, I'd like to be in the downtown, southwest city or south county areas but I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!!
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Re: Room Rental for 1st Birthday Party

  • My friend had her son's birthday party at the YMCA on 109 near Wildwood.  The room was large and had mats for the children to play on and toys for them to play with.
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  • I had my baby shower at Maryland Heights Community Center on a Sunday. Loved it and it was so inexpensive. You should check them out.
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  • Thanks for the ideas. I ended up booking a room at The Heights but I will keep these in mind for future events.
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