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When did you stop Neosure?

Yesterday my pediatrician told me I could stop giving the girls Neosure and switch to regular formula (they get breast milk during the day, and formula in their bottles at night.)  They are doing such a good job gaining weight I'm a little wary about stopping the extra calories cold turkey.  Just wondering when other people made the switch from the 22cal to just a regular formula...thanks!
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Re: When did you stop Neosure?

  • I actually figured out the calories Gabe was getting from the neosure is very minimal.

    Breast milk (and regular formula) have 20cal an ounce.  Neosure has 22.

    He gets 800ml of fluid a day (200 of neosure).  

    With that combo he gets 546 cals a day

    With straight breast milk he would get 533 a day.

    So, it is just a 13 calorie difference.  

    If you go through and figure out the cals it might make you feel better.


    My pedi said she wanted Gabe on it until at least 6 months for the calcium and phosphorus, though. 

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  • DS was only on the supplement Neosure for about two weeks at home - when he had to go back to NICU they didn't remember he was still on it so didn't give it to him. Cold turkey. He continued to gain as steadily, though, so we went with it. He must have been around 9/10 weeks old. He never had gaining probs, though - he was the brady boy.
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  • By the time we were home we were 100% ff,and we stopped extra calorie formula at 6mo actual. As long as the babies are gaining well I wouldn't worry about the switch.
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  • Our pediatrician had us stop Neosure after our 4 month check up.  She was gaining weight REALLY well.  He told us to mix the bottles 1/2 and 1/2 until we used up our Neosure... now she is just on Similac Advanced.  
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  • I'm curious about this too.  They just switched my boys from added 24 cal fortifier to 1/2 BM and 1/2 Neosure in preparation for their discharge home.  I am not thrilled with the idea of them having formula because I really wanted to EBF when I am home with them.  How many times a day did you give Neosure if you also EBF?
  • Our doctor let us switch to using a regular formula around 3-4 months. (He was on 4 oz a day) It was giving my little guy horrible gass.  He had no problem switching to a Gentle formula.  We finally got the okay to go off formula completely at our 6 months appointment.
  • DS was on 28cal(neosure added to breastmilk) in the NICU and we got sent home on that. two days after being home he decided he wouldnt take or tolerate the neosure, only breastmilk. his weight gained slowed for a couple weeks but then caught up. he has been home for 2 months and has gained 3.5lbs...which is just about 1oz a day and is what they want to see. i must have some super power breastmilk. at 9 and 1/2 lbs he takes about 500ml a day. 
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  • 12 months adjusted. 

    ds never had a problem gaining. pedi and nicu dr wanted him on it for the extra nutrients. he was on 24 cal for 3 months, and then regular til 12.  

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  • Off Neosure within a week from coming home from the NICU and he gained wonderfully. About 3/4-1oz a day with CLD/BPD. He's 4 months adjusted and weighs 15.5lbs. He's gained well and his digestive problems are at a minimum now.
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