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LO refuses to take a paci... help

i've spent too much time working in daycares and schools. i can't stand the sight of a bigger kid sucking their thumb. i have always been on the paci bandwagon. like everyone on that bus says, "i can take a paci away, but i can't cut their thumb off"


BUT, I'm EBFing and took orders from my LC. no paci before 4 weeks (at least) well now he's 5 weeks. so we've been trying. he wont take the soothie, the gummie, or a tommie tippie paci either. I got a MAM as well, and no good. he wants milk. he's just confused i guess why theres no milk coming out of it. i hear him swallowing and i know he's looking for something. and after a few sucks he just spits it out.


is it hopeless? also... the bigger reason i want a paci in our lives is because of the SIDS reccomendation.

the crazy thing?? i had to end up using a shield to BF. this kid is literally sucking on a shield. a plastic paci like shield. and wont take anything else. good lord...

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Re: LO refuses to take a paci... help

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    I'd just keep trying different kinds.  I'm not sure if that's best, but it's what I would do, lol.  Good luck!  FWIW, we had to try like 5 different kinds before finding one DS likes.  (He likes MAM)
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    We didn't listen to the lactation consultant and LO had a paci and no nipple confusion from day 1.  Some kids just won't ever take a paci, but I agree with PP, keep trying until you find one LO likes if he'll like one at all.  We also use mam.  Are you sure you're using the 0+ mam -- LO is almost 8 weeks and still only takes the 0+ not the 2+.
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    I think some babies just don't like pacis - mine is one of them. She'll take it sometimes when she's drowsy, but most of the time, she makes a look of disgust, like, "Are you seriously trying to fool me with this?" And, I've only had luck with Nuk and sometimes MAM. I'd keep trying, but your LO may never love the paci.
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    I'm right there with you. I waited until after 4 weeks and my LO hates the paci. We've gotten her to take it a couple times but that was during a week when I had to pump and dump after I had my appendectomy. She got used to a bottle so the paci wasn't so bad. As soon as we got back on EBF track she wouldn't let that thing get anywhere near her mouth. I have heard you can try dipping the paci in sugar water before you give it to him though, might be worth a shot! [When she did take the paci for a short period of time she only liked Avent. We tried MAM and another kind but she hated any other brand.]
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    Just because he won't take a paci doesn't mean he'll suck his thumb.  My twins didn't take a paci and neither of them ever took to their thumb.  Personally, i wouldn't force it!
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