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Neti Pot vs. Sinus Rinse- Help Please

Neilmed makes a neti pot and sinus rinse. I have a slight cold/sinus thing going on and I'm not sure which one to use. The sinus rinse seems less intimidating but I want to use whichever is most effective. Anyone have experience with both?
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Re: Neti Pot vs. Sinus Rinse- Help Please

  • I have never used the sinus rinse, so I don't know if the same thing happens... but with the neti pot, I find that if my nose is stuffy or even just kind of swollen, the water won't go through.  It's like it just stops and nothing runs out so I have to just stop.  I know I am tilting my head the correct way b/c usually I can do it, but if I'm the slightest bit congested this happens!
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  • I have used the Sinus Rinse for the last several months because I have been so congested. You just squirt it up your nose and it works! It's very easy to use. I do mine in the shower and the steam helps, also. I highly recommend it! I always l sleep better when I use it at night, too, since I don't wake myself up snoring as much, haha!
  • Thanks guys! I think I'll try the sinus rinse first. I'm not completely stopped up, but maybe enough that the neti pot might not work...
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  • I love my neti pot, but pper is right, if you are really really congested it won't go through. However, I think the idea is to sit there until it does run through. Eventually the pressure and warm water will build up enough that it will dissolve the blockage. It is a natural way of getting your sinuses flowing again. It has worked great for me, but you do have to be patient enough to sit there and wait for the blockage to clear. Once it does it REALLY helps though.

  • I use the off brand neti pot and I love it! I like that it uses gravity instead of having to squirt water up your nose. It's not uncomfortable at all. Yes, if you are super congested it may take a little longer and a couple of trys, but it works well. :)

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  • I have the netipot and LOVE it.  I've never had the issue with it not going through though, if it doesnt work right away i just switch sides and it goes right through every time! I swear by it and am always recommending it, i've never used a sinus rinse though!
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  • I've used both, but like the PP said, if you're super congested the Neti Pot won't get the job done.  It's really not hard to use, it's just like the difference between using a hose and a power washer- depends on how dirty your deck is.  Stick out tongue
  • I like the sinus rinse because it feels less like drowning. LOL
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  • I used the sinus rinse last night and only got about 10 minutes of relief :( I'm going to keep using it twice a day to see if it will help. After checking out the pot and the rinse, they appear to be similar, just slightly different methods of delivery. The rinse wasn't too bad. It was a strange sensation, but not too bad!
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