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Elecare & Tricare

Does anyone have any experience with Tricare paying for elecare?

Re: Elecare & Tricare

  • Have you looked on the website or called Tricare? Is your doctor prescribing it? It really depends on your state laws and your baby's needs. I've always had better luck with Tricare and getting answers/ problems resolved when I actually go in to the local office. Are you on WIC? Perhaps they could help?

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  • Nope. :( I just found out that my kids need to be on Neocate Junior and I just called.  They said that because its an over the counter thing, it won't be covered.  They don't cover any OTC meds. They suggested WIC to me also, but my husband's salary is too high and we don't qualify.  That doesn't mean we're made out of money and can afford Neocate for TWO babies!  Ugh!  I love Tricare for the most part, but sometimes its really frustrating what they do and don't cover.
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