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I went to bed at 8pm last night

And I slept ALLLL night long. It was lovly but I felt guilty for not spending time with the family. I developed a BIG headache and took something but my eyes got senitive to light and I got hormonal and said eff it, I'm going to bed. FI came in at one point and rubbed my head while talking to me, but I dont even remember what he said. Poor guy!

Re: I went to bed at 8pm last night

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    Glad you got some rest! I couldn't sleep, and ended up on the couch with the tv. Dh found me at 4:30 and made me go back upstairs to bed. Sounds like you had a migraine!
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    yeah, I think it was going to develope into a BIG migraine.
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    That does sound like a migrane.  Don't feel bad.  Your body was just telling you it needed rest.  I hope you feel better.

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