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White noise hurt baby's hearing?

If anyone's read the book The Happiest Baby on the Block, you know that it says white noise must be right next to the baby's ear and must be louder than his/her crying.  I have a white noise app on my phone, and it really works wonders when my LO is having a fit and I place it near her ear.  My husband is concerned that it might hurt her hearing. Anyone have any input?
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Re: White noise hurt baby's hearing?

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    I don't know if I'd be doing that either.

    Louder than my baby's crying is pretty loud somedays. ;)

    I also don't think it needs to be right next to her ear. I think that'd drive my baby nuts.

    My LOs sound machine is on the opposite side of her room and it's always worked for her on a normal volume.

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    Depends on how loud it is and how long she is listening to it.  It's hard to measure the volume output of a phone like that so I'd be very careful.  Babies ears are more sensitive than adults.  Their earcanals conduct sound differently than adults do causing certain sounds to be louder to them than they are to us.  
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    Our white noise works wonders as well, but I don't have it right by his ear. It's in his cradle with him usually above his head but loud enough that once he calms down I can drop the volume a notch or 2.
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