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Clara Louise 8-14-2011- Long!

I started having contractions shortly after returning home from church and the park, around 12 p.m.  They were very mild, erratic, and completely manageable.   We all had lunch (my mom who was in town to help with DD and be there for the birth, DH and DD and I) and then we put DD down for her nap.  DH then ran to Whole Foods to stock up for the week ahead.  I was fine.  Talking to my mom, and ironing on a transfer I had made for a onesie.

DH got home and the contractions were getting more painful.  We went upstairs to lie down and discuss names again.  We still weren?t set on a name.  I then started timing and noticed there were about 4 minutes apart.  I had DH call our doctor.  They said head in.  So we grabbed my bag and went back downstairs.  Told my mom we were heading out to the hospital.  I got teary and my mom was super excited.  DD was still napping. 

We got in the car at 3:09p.m..  The hospital is about 6 miles away, but unfortunately that is 6 city miles.  There was street fest that caused a detour down a stop-and-go full street.  This is about when the contractions were right on top of each other.  Finally, we were on Michigan Avenue and about  three quarters of a mile from the hospital.  That is when it hit.  Really, really hit.

I felt like I had to pee.  Everyone describes the urge to push as needing to take a big sh!t.  It was not this way for me at all. You see, at this point my water had not broken.  It felt like I had a big water balloon that absolutely, positively HAD to break right now.  I knew I was fully dilated.  If my water had broken I think I would have had DD in the car.  I was in traffic in front of John Hancock Center on a Sunday in August and I was ready to give birth.  I was terrified ,but was doing my best not to freak out DH. Somehow we made it to the hospital, still pregnant at 3:29p.m.  It seemed like forever to get into triage. I was trying to keep my wits while screaming in my head ?Can?t they tell I am freaking out here?!?  Once admitted I ran to the bathroom.  I still thought I had to pee.  Once out the nurse checked me and immediately started to roll me into delivery. 

At this point, I was telling anyone who would listen I wanted an epidural. After prepping and getting the IV in the doctor let me know it would be less painful than trying to hold in more contractions and to wait to get one than to just push.  Holding in those contractions was honesty the worst part of labor, so I agreed.  She popped my water, I pushed one contraction and out came Clara Louise at 4:15 p.m at 6 lbs 15 oz and 20.5 inches long. The doctor and nurses were very complimentary, saying I have a high pain threshold and was very composed for coming in fully ready.  They were telling me I needed to have a third because ?I was so good at it!?  Ha! This uterus is closed.

This birth was so much better than my first.  My first was just as fast and was a great birth, but we got to the hospital sooner and I had an epidural.  It was surreal because I didn?t feel a thing and was told when to push.  I pushed longer (30 minutes) and tore more.  This time I felt it all but the contractions were the worst of it.  I also felt great immediately afterwards. I was even approved to exercise at 3 weeks pp. 

I hope this story is encouraging!  Good luck all the soon-to-be and new mommas.

Side note:

I predicted I would birth this baby on a Sunday and I predicted I would birth DD#1 on a Thursday.  I was right on both accounts.  I also started active labor around 12 p.m. with both girls and delivered at 4:31 p.m. and 4:15 p.m. respectively.  Apparently, if I was to have a third I would know when to head to the hospital beforehand. 

Re: Clara Louise 8-14-2011- Long!

  • Wow, I'm glad you made it to the hospital. Congratulations on the birth of your new daughter.



  • Congratulations!  I am delivering at the same hospital as well (judging by your landmarks ;-) )  and am super nervous about the shopping traffic etc to get from Lakeview to the hospital.  At least the festivals are pretty much over now.  Glad you made it in time!
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  • wow Thank you for this story!!! I have been reading and reading and watching baby story because the thought of labor is well slightly scaring me.

    Your story made me feel better, hoping I can be as "good at it" as you were! Did you exercise or do anything to prepare for birth?

    Glad  you made it in time! Congrats!

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  • Awww, your DD was born on my wedding day!  Yay for you.  Congrats!!!!

    Big Smile 

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  • Congrats! What hospital?
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