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3rd Trimester

Decreased appetite? (31 wks with twins)

My appetite has gone way down the last week or so (which is counteracting my attempts to eat more protein and calcium).  Anyone else experiencing this? I'm expecting twins, not sure if they are starting to crowd my stomach?  I'm still able to eat normal-sized meals, I'm just not actually hungry very often.

 Any tips, other than force feeding on a schedule, which is pretty much what I'm doing now?

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Re: Decreased appetite? (31 wks with twins)

  • I'm in the same boat- my appetite has gradually decreased in the 3rd tri.  I know this is normal as the baby gets bigger there isn't as much room for food in there!  I am always hungry for breakfast when I wake up, but for the rest of the day I have to remind myself to eat.  I try to keep my favorite snacks around (that are also healthy!) so I look forward to a snack/meal and remember to eat. 
  • Same here.. No more cravings. It's hard to even choose a place to go out to eat for lunch some days. But my suggestion for protein and calcium is greek yogurt! 
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  • It's pretty normal to experience this in the third tri, especially with twins! There just isn't as much room for food.

    To get the proper nutrition, in my first pregnancy and now during this one, in the third tri, I just make sure I eat something every two hours, but I don't really have big meals anymore. My day might go like this:

    Breakfast: egg and a piece of toast

    10:00 a.m.: apple

    noon: yogurt and 1/2 of a sandwich

    2:00:  few crackers, maybe some string cheese

    Dinner: I make sure to eat veggies and some protein

    That plus drinking lots of milk and water and taking my prenatal vitam and I feel like I'm doing ok. Believe me, I consumed many many more calories in the first 7 months, so the baby has gotten his nutrition! It's just now about maintaining that balance between comfort for me and nutrition for the baby.


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  • I eat 3 bites of something and I am so full, it's crazy,

    At a friends Birthday party this weekend I had 1 chicken wing and was like yup I'm full.

    I'm going to be so hungry when I deliver this child.

  • I'm pretty sure the decreased appetite is normal in your third trimester. I am feeling the same way...nothing sounds good to eat anymore and I eat a few bites and I'm already full. Anything I eat gives me aweful heartburn anyways! Healthy snacking is definatly the way to go. Yogurt, fruit, almonds and baby carrots are life-savers for me. Hang in there!
  • Totally the same! I have no appetite... I forget to eat if I'm busy and my stomach doesn't even growl.

    My only tip is to make sure you are having regular bathroom visits  (#2) and to drink a lot of water to keep things moving. Other than that I do have to maintain a feeding schedule.

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