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lose their appetite during a growth spurt?  Normally babies become really hungry and eat often during a growth spurt.  My LO has lost her appetite in the past day or so, has become extremely fussy, and refuses to sleep during the day (all of which are abnormal for her).  I checked her temperature and it was 99.0.  Our pedi told us not to worry about a fever unless it was over 100.  We change her, try to feed her, hold her, do the 5 S's, etc.  I am most concerned with her lack of eating though, 

I am putting in a call to the pedi now.  She has her 2 month check up in Wednesday so hopefully I can talk to them about it more then.

Any advice?  Anyone else gone through it?

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    We are in the same boat.  LO has gone from eating all the time for 30 minutes to eating much less frequently for less amounts of time.  He is still growing like a week tho, so I am attributing it to being on the other side of the growth spurt.  Are you BFing?  I also heard although quantity of feedings may not increase, the amount of fat in the milk and babies ability to remove it from the breast increase, so less time is needed.  GL
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    My daughter had her growth spurt and the week after she slowed down on her eating.  She went from eating 20-30 minutes on each side, to just one side at a time.  She also sometimes only eats about 10 minutes on one side in the middle of the night.  I think they just need a break after their growth spurt!  She also hasn't been sleeping much during the day.  Last week she had 3 nights where she barely slept as well.  I got 3 hours of sleep the one night. 

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    I was just wondering the same thing.  My DS was eating very frequently and a little fussier than he had been the week prior and then boom - he is sleeping more during the day, sleeping much longer stretches at night and sometimes only eating 'normal' amounts when I assume he should be ravenous.  I've been pumping more often to keep my supply up just in case he changes his mind (and since Im going back to work tomorrow!)

    It seems early for his 6 week growth spurt to be over, but it would be awesome if it was.  He's already 11.5lbs (up from 7lbs 12oz)

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