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We would really like to get some photos taken of our baby when the time comes, and possibly some of my big belly when it gets there. Does anyone know of a great photographer in the area? We live in Stamford, CT.

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  • Honestly, most "professional" photographers all use digital imaging these days anyway, so grab a friend with a good camera and have them do the shots for you. You'll feel more comfortable with someone you know, and you won't have to pay HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of dollars for a few good, memorable images. It would even be worth it to invest that few hundred $$ in a new camera so you have it for a few years anyway.
  • I disagree with the post that most photographers use digital these days so just get a camera and go for it.  Takes a lot more than the same tool to make a good photographer.  That being said, I recommend the book 'how to photograph your baby' by Kelsh.  I would also recommend an SLR camera like Canon Rebel XSI,- only an SLR is quick enough to capture the shots you want of baby without the delay of a point and shoot, plus you can get real dramatic shots by using different lenses, lighting options. You won't be sorry getting the camera I promise you, the pictures you will take of your baby will amaze you.  The biggest tip I can offer is to photograph baby whenever possible in natural sunlight and no flash. That would be indirect sunlight as in a room with windows.  Go for quality of light over quantity of light every time. Check out the book and look at Costco for an SLR camera kit.
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  • imageTwinsangel:I disagree with the post that most photographers use digital these days so just get a camera and go for it.  Takes a lot more than the same tool to make a good photographer.

    Its not really a matter of "agree vs disagree" ...its pretty much a fact that most professional photographers primarily use digital these days. Call up any photo studio in the phonebook and they'll tell you they use digitals.

    The Canon Rebel XSI that you suggested is also a digital, albeit a pricier one, but that's exactly what I was getting at. Spend the money on a similar camera to what the "professionals" use, and its something that you'll have for several years to take amazing pictures on your own.

    The leg-up that the "pros" have is that they probably know more about digital manipulation/post capture editing than the everyday Jane Doe, so if you're looking for THAT type of shot, you'll have to hire someone to photoshop the images for you.

  • I do appreciate the advice and plan to take way too many pics of my baby myself, but I have also seen some amazing studio work by wonderful photographers in other areas and am looking for a professional setting once the baby is born. Classic Kids is the type of photography I am looking for, but they're so expensive I didn't know if anyone knew of some other options.
  • I dont see any pricing on the Classic Kids website so I am not sure if this one is any cheaper


  • You should contact Carla Ten Eyck...she is an incredible photographer
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  • While I definitely agree that you can get beautiful photos using a DSLR, I personally think it's really unfair to say that just because you have the camera, you'll be as good as a professional. That's like saying that just because you have a Steinway piano, you'll play as well as Mozart.  It's not the equipment- it's knowing how to use it.

    I've spent more than a decade learning about photography, and only 2 years ago did I finally feel that I had the skills to call myself a professional.  

    If a pro is too expensive, which I can completely understand, here are some websites that can help you learn about lighting, composition, and more:


    My biggest piece of advice (aside from lighting, which is a whole realm): Get on the level of your subject.   Kids aren't natural when they're looking up at you... try to get on their level.








  • wishmay photographers, she'll go to you. myspace her, she's on there, and she's wonderful!
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  • If, btw, you're interested in my work, feel free to reply to this post, and I'll send you my contact info.  My website is

    I'm in White Plains. I'm happy to suggest other people that I know too if you need.

  • I live in Cornwall and there's a photographer here I plan on using when my baby is old enough, J. Fererra Photography I believe.  He does b/w close ups of the face, very simple but really beautiful.
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