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Get your baby on the right sleep schedule? Kellen sleeps a ton during the day and not so much at night. I hear it's common but how did you switch and about how old was your LO when they slept a little better at night? I know she will still need to eat and wake up then but she's pretty much up and wanting to eat every 30-45 min from about 10pm-6am. TIA!
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Re: How did you

  • 6w today & still workin' on it. I've been told I have a way to go!
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  • I don't remember when Matthew's days & nights finally flipped. But during the day I would have blinds open/lights on and TV/radio/something noisy going, and at night it was low/no light and quiet.
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  • I made sure to get DD dressed every day. That way long sleepers meant night time, onsies meant day time. We also make sure to do bath, lotion, bottle and book and then into her crib.
    She's still not STTN so you can choose to throw my tips out the window, but she does go to bed, awake, at between 8-9 and falls asleep on her own.
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  • With Ollie so far it wasn't bad, he came out seeming to get it. Ian though it took us about three weeks, waking him up during the day and the biggest being about an hour before we wanted him to be in bed we turned everything off , dimmed the lights, and just snuggled.
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  • Try turning the lights on at night their little eyes are sensitive, and close the blinds during the day to make it easier to have her eyes open. Don't be surprised if her sleep pattern changes in a few days. I think this is pretty early to try to get her on a schedule.I Hope she gets her days and nights sorted out soon. 
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  • Hello! So happy to see you here! Sorry for the lack paragraphs, bumping from ipad. I don't remember when she started to get her days and nights right maybe somewhere around 6-10 weeks? What I did was during the day was I would open all the blinds and kept the house light and bright. I would also take her outside from time to time. At night, I would use the least amount of light I could and would not 'interact' with her (talking, playing, eye contact). It was hard at first to do that but it worked. She now knows at night we are all business. She'll get there!!
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  • 5 days old is too young for a schedule, sorry :(  I think DD figured out days/nights by two weeks.  Lots of stimulation during daytime waking hours and minimal stimulation during evening/night hours.  That means keeping lights as dim as possible, no TV or other electronic devices at night.  Good luck!
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  • DD had them flipped around for a few days- we make sure to have it bright in the daytime (lights and/or windows) and noisy (tv, music, dishes banging around, vaccuming, whatever) to help her not sleep as deeply and learn the difference between day sleep and night sleep. I also found she got really switched up on days she was held while sleeping- I think she was too comfy and would sleep through hunger, so then she'd have to make up for it at night.
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  • I think it was around 6 weeks.  We were told to keep the house super bright during the day and super dark at night to help her learn.
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  • He started sleeping longer stretches at night around 3-4 weeks and by 8ish weeks he was STTN. It takes some time. One thing we did is kept the house well lit and noisy during the day, and then dark and quiet at night. We also established a bedtime routine pretty early. Bath (every other night), pjs, bedtime story, Bible, then he would nurse and snuggle until he was really sleepy, then down in the bassinet, RnP, or now the crib. Also, for the middle of the night feedings I kept the lights off (used only a nightlight) and didn't talk to him at all or stimulate him in any way. He would usually go back to sleep pretty quickly (the first 2 weeks though this wasn't really the case, this started more around 3-4 weeks). I also didn't change his diaper unless it was really wet or poopy. Hang in there!
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  • From everything I've read, a schedule really can't work until about 4 mos.  But it sounds like she has her days/nights mixed up.

    We had ALL the lights on during the day, energetic, music, etc.  It's not too early to establish an evening routine (quick bath, dim lights, quiet talk, no TV) but it will take awhile for her to switch back around.  Isaac was never awake more than 45-hour at that age.  (I'll count to when we brought him home since he was in NICU at that stage).  He was fed every 2.5-3.5 hrs and slept from feeding to feeding around the clock. 

    The first few months are all about survival, momma!  Hang in there!  She is SO precious.  :)

    ETA: But the light at the end of the tunnel?  At 5 mos, he was sleeping 10-12 hours straight at night... no wakeups.  And (3) 1-2 hour naps each day.  It's sweetness. 

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  • R kinda settled into his own schedule. He started going to sleep around 8:00 and would take a nap, wake up and nurse one more time before he feel asleep at 10:00 for the night. Eventually that nap when away and he adjusted his bedtime back an hour and usually falls alseep about 9:00 or so.

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