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I just can not get LO to nap in the afternoon

He sleeps really well at night, long stretches, and will wake up at around 8 ish, then start getting cranky and nap at around 10 am... but after that, it is impossible for me to get LO to nap. He will fall asleep on the boob while eating, if we rock him, he falls asleep, but within 10 minutes of being put down in his crib, or swing or wherever, he wakes up. 

I have tried putting him to nap tired but awake, same thing: he just won't nap.

 Not sure what else to do... he never has this problem in the evening  but this no afternoon nap thing makes for a super cranky baby in the late afternoon.

Any ideas on how to improve this? 

Re: I just can not get LO to nap in the afternoon

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    Two hours is a little long for him to be awake in the AM.  Try aiming to have him back to sleep after 1.5 hours maybe?  I start setting the stage for a nap about 15 minutes before I think LO needs to be asleep.  I turn off the lights, turn on the noise machine, etc. and rock her for a bit.  She is out within 5 minutes, I swear.  :-)  I do the same routine before every nap.  I find that if she gets overtired from the beginning of the day, the rest of her naps suffer.
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