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Almost 7-week old just sleepy & fussy today!

My 7-week old LO has alternated between eating, sleeping and being fussy pretty much all day! She woke up at 5:45 and has napped from 7-8, 9-11:15, 11:45-1 and now she's in between being asleep and awake. When she's woken up from naps she's been pretty fussy.

 Has anyone else experienced something like this at this age? I'm expecting her to be awake more of the day!  

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Re: Almost 7-week old just sleepy &amp;amp; fussy today!

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    mine is still very sleepy too.  i also expected a little more awake time during the day by nearly 7 weeks.  can't remember what the other 2 were doing at this age though. 

    as for the fusiness, no idea - mine is happy when (if) she is awake. 

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    We just dealt with this all week. I figured it was a late 6 week growth spurt that everyone complains about. Today has been pretty good actually.
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    What does she normally sleep?  I have  REALLY hard time getting my LO down for a nap at all in the morning.  She may sleep for like 10 minutes at a time, but then is awake for half an hour.  This has been going on all week now.  I don't expect her to sleep ALL the time, but I thought she would need a lot more than she is getting.  She will usually take a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon, but she's usually not too fussy.
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    It is probably a growth spurt! I would just give it a few days. If you are worried just call your pediatrician just to make sure she is doing ok. They will reassure you.
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    Fussiness peaks at 6-8 weeks and then it starts to subside (like a bell curve). I just went through this with DD last week, it was the worst then. She just turned 8 weeks yesterday and the past few days have been a lot better. Unfortunatly I learned you just have to tough it out.
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