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Is anyone going to or have delivered at St. Jude Fullerton?

Just wondering... I'll be doing the Prepared Childbirth class with my H next month, but curious about St. Jude's rules regarding how many people are allowed in the delivery room. I'm planning on going natural, but in the event I have to have a C section, I'm wondering if at least my H can be in there with me...

Re: Is anyone going to or have delivered at St. Jude Fullerton?

  • I did, and I loved it! I don't know about rules for sure, though. The only person I wanted in the delivery room was my husband and I did not have a c-section. My friend did though and her husband remained with her the whole time.
  • I'm not sure of the rules either. You could always give L & D a call. But I delivered there and I had my H, mom, and sis in the room with me while laboring. However, I did end up with a c-sect and my H was with me the whole time, no one else. I had an excellent experience. I love St. Jude.
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  • Just wanted to chime in that I also LOVED St. Jude. I'm not sure about the rules as I only had my husband there and delivered vaginally...but my care was excellent. Good luck to you :) 
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  • I LOVED delivering at St. Jude. I didn't have a c-section, but I did let them know that in the event that I did have one that my husband was to remain with me at all times. They did not have a problem with it.
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  • Thought I would chime in. I am now pregnant with #2 and thought  Iwould come back on the boards, but anyway i delivered my son there 14 months ago and will be having #2 there as well. I LOVED St. Jude. They are pretty easy going about the amount of people as long as the Dr. and nurses have enough room for their needs. They have a little area with chairs and a curtain for family. While I was laboring it was a packed house in my room, I have a big family. When it was time to push I had my husband, mom, 2 sisters and grandma in the room. I ended up having to have a c-section and it was my husband who was with me the whole time.

     Once you do have the baby whether vaginally or c-section they ask the family to leave for almost 2 hours. They can wait in the waiting area or go get something to eat. They like those first couple hours when the baby is most alert to be in the room with just you and your husband. They call it a babymoon...and it really is very nice. All your emotions and body are coming down and it just allows you to take it all in.

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