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I can't get home

Our area is in a state of emergancy thanks to the flooding. DH isnt able to drive so I had to take him to work at 11am, he works in a nursing home so they can't just close down. I was able to get out but on my return trip I found all 3 access roads to my house blocked. The only ways to my house all go over the river. I went to the fire co to ask if there was anyway home. I was told my engine would flood out but they offered me a ride in the rescue truck, its a pick up and I'm too chicken with the kids. I'll be staying at a friends house with the kids until the roads open, our river is supposed to crest tonight. I had to leave the kids with her and make an emergancy walmart run... Oh yeah I bought the magic seahorse again. For the record not having one at bedtime is an emergancy.
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