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How is everyone fairing with the flooding?  Is everyone OK? 

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    I was just thinking the same thing. Hope you ladies are doing alright!

    DH's whole family is in Binghamton... he hasn't spoken to his mom or sisters, and his dad's house has about 2 feet of water in the basement. His dad said everything is closed (even the grocery store he manages) so they are just sitting in the house trying to clean up what they can and wait it out.

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    Luckily we're up on a hill.  DH actually just went home to pick up some stuff for the hospital (he didn't plan on staying but decided to b/c of the State of Emergency) and he made it home ok.  But it's not looking good at all for our area.  My parents live 5 blocks from a creek and floodwall and they may be evacuated.

    My BFFs Dad and stepmom have pretty much lost their house and the restaurant where my sister works is under water.  It's really scary to see the pics and videos on the news.  Stay safe everyone!

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    Hi, we're fine, thanks for asking.  We're up on a hill so we've just got water in the basement but the sump pump is doing it's job.  We're in Windsor and a lot of the town is flooded.  I ended up having to go to JC to get Jules medicine and the side streets leading up to Harry L Drive are almost up to the main road.  That's the road that runs along the mall, Wegmans, TRU. 

    I'm glad that Tina went into the hospital yesterday morning or I bet they would have postponed her surgery! 


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