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When did you fit back into your regular clothes after birth?

I gave birth 5 1/2 weeks ago. I was overweight to before I got pregnant. I gained about 25ish pounds, and pretty much lost all of that. But my body is different. My belly is very different and hangs somewhat. Ugh. I know it takes time. I am just wondering- will it ever go back to normal? When did you fit into your regular clothes, if ever? Do I need to buy new clothes? Ugh. (BTW-I am not BFing.)
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Re: When did you fit back into your regular clothes after birth?

  • I lost all the weight with in 3 months, but going on 2 years later I am still not in my pre-pregnancy clothes. My body is just not the same and I still have a pouch that won't go away.
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  • I got back into regular (stretch shorts) about 6 weeks pp. However the shorts were a size bigger than normal. I was back into my "regular size" 3-4 months pp. My stomach isn't the same but i was baxk in myclothes3-4 months. It took me 2 years to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight. I also did not bf.
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  • the poochy tummy can be permanent, although i think pilates helps. you will lose some of the extra skin by about 5 months. i think at that point i could fit into most of my clothes.

    WTG on only gaining 25 pounds! i gained 60. =( 

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  • Due to IF, I was 30 pounds overweight when I got pregnant and gained an additional 62 pounds during my pregnancy. Ouch!

    It took me about a year to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and an additional year to get the additional 30+ pounds off. The good news is that I am 96 lighter today than I was on the day I had my son. Smile

    My body is very different than it used to be (a little more saggy in some places) but I have been back in my pre-IF clothes for more than a year now. Another note, I only BF for 13 weeks.

    One more note - our boys have the same birthday! Gotta love those July 30 babies!

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  • I had lost all but like 3 pounds in 6 weeks.   But I never fit back into my old jeans (and most of my other pants, too, for that matter).   My lower body was just a different shape and things never fit right.    I had to buy new pants.    

    Tops were a slightly different story.   My boobs were GINORMOUS while breastfeeding, so a lot of my old shirts didn't fit right until after I weaned.   

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  • I was back in my pre-pregnancy clothes after 3 months PP.  Some of my jeans are still a bit snug, so I still wear my maternity Sevens every now and then.  

    My shoes are a different story.  For some reason all my shoes feel SUPER snug and uncomfortable.  I've been living in flip-flops since March.  I'll be bummed if my feet don't go "back to normal" because I have so many cute shoes that I'll have to get rid of!  

    I wore some flats the other evening to a wedding and they caused a blister on my heel...and they used to be a little too big for me!  If I don't fit into my shoes by winter time, it's gonna be an Ugg sorta season, haha.

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  • Ummm, I'm still waiting. But then I haven't really been working on it, so I guess I can't complain...
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  • Well, I am still significantly overweight, but at 1 week post partum I am 10lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight (total loss of 20lbs) and wearing regular clothes. My belly is all flab and mush though.

    With Eliza, I was under pre-pregnancy weight within a month or so, but gained it all back plus 10more within a year. When I got pregnant with Lydia, I was at an all time high. 

    Since I am losing "ahead" of the game, I would like to keep heading in the right direction. 

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  • I fit in everything except my dress pants and one pair of jeans by 6-8 weeks but it probably took about 3 months until everything fit well. I did buy a few pairs of nice pants to return to work in for the first few weeks back.
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  • Ha this year after WW! I gained 80 and had a c-section
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  • I'm 3 months PP and still have maybe 5 lbs to go, but my stomach is just not the same.  My abdominal muscles separated and still haven't gone back together.  I really need to start doing sit ups!

    I just wore my maternity clothes until my pre-pg clothes fit again.  And not all of them fit.  My thighs are a bit bigger than they used to be :(

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  • Still waiting.


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  • I was in some of my bigger pants at about 2-3 weeks PP and everything by 2 months PP.  I gained 34 lbs and lost all but 3 lbs in the 1st 2 months and just finally got back to my pre pregnancy weight this past month.
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  • It took me a few months to loose the weight, but my body is different - especially my hips and rib cage. Some of my clothes still don't fit even though I weigh less than my pp weight. (I also lost my IF weight.)
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  • I went back to work at 9 weeks and i had to buy all new clothes because I was still 1 size larger than I was pre-pregancy.

    Just now at 4 months, I am back in my pre-pregancy jeans, pants, etc and the weird stomach thing is mostly gone. But I haven't weighed myself lately and I would assume that I still weigh more because of the nursing breasts I am currently sporting.

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  • I think because I'm EBFing it came off fast. I'd lost all but about 7lbs by 2 weeks and am back in most of my old clothes. BUT my body is differently shaped than before and I don't know if I'll be able to change that. I hope so! My butt is smaller but my waist is wider :/
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  • Two weeks but I have a crazy overactive thyroid and EBF'd too.
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  • With both my pregnancies, I lost the weight quickly and was back in my pre-pregnancy clothes within ~10 days or so.  However, I was definitely shaped differently....after my first pregnancy, I ended up 'back to normal' (pretty much) within a few months.  After my 2nd pregnancy, it's taken longer and took me about 8-12 weeks and I think I have a new "normal".
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  • I was not overweight before pregnancy and gained 60lbs.  It took me 8 months (and some help from Metformin) to get back into my pre-preg pants.  It took me a full year to lose all the weight.  I couldn't even fit into my shoes 4 months postpartum.
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  • I am EBFing also and could fit into most of my pre-preg clothes within the first few weeks. I'm just now fitting into all my old jeans but it's still too hot to wear them. I got really lucky and my stomach didn't get too stretched out, so it actually looks pretty normal, BUT my thighs and butt are not quite the same and I don't know if they ever will be!!

     Side note, I did start working out and running right when I was cleared at 6 weeks post c/s.

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