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Turn your head and cough...lol

When I went in to be induced with our youngest child, I had been so sick. I had pneumonia, pink eye, and a really horrible smoker's cough (I don't even smoke). I had gotten it two months before and STILL had it when I was induced. Well, when it came time to deliver, I couldn't push without coughing. So my doctor decided that it was going to go faster by coughing rather than pushing. Trust me, I still got the epidural. So, between coughing my head off, trying not to throw up from the coughing, trying to push, as well as watching the baseball game (the Brave's were playing), and cussing my husband out for sitting in the corner, my son was being born. The last word's my doctor told me before he was born wasn't the usual "One more good push and it'll be over." She told me to give her "One last good cough." I coughed one or two more times, and he shot out. God Bless my doctor, though. She was ready for him.

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