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Super long (like no seriously long) birth story

Dear Nicholas:

My son you are a week old now. This past week has flown bye so quickly. Often times when you are laying on me and wiggling around I forget that you aren?t inside my tummy any longer. I loved being pregnant with you. It was such a welcome surprise.

I found out I was pregnant on Scharrenberg Christmas. I had a dream that I saw 2 pink lines Christmas night so when I woke up I took a test. I actually told Daddy right away I was so excited and even confident you would stick with us. I wrote on the wall of the room that is now your nursery that it needed to be painted by August and that?s how we told Coco. It was so fun to share my big news with the Daddy and Coco right away!

Just like for your brother I write this to you for me and maybe for your future wife who might be interested in your story.

For weeks before you were born we kept thinking you would come any minute. I was having contractions, sometimes very minor and spread out but usually once a day they got strong and 5 minutes apart for a few hours. I enjoyed walking many many night trying to help you on your way. It was my special time with you. We had one false alarm that sent us to the hospital. We were all frustrated and ready to meet you. But I did my best to enjoy the moments that I knew I would miss once I had to share you with everybody else. It was so nice though to be excited to know who you would be and be excited for the whole labor experience.

On the morning you were born I had a good nights sleep the night before since Jennifer had stayed over and Coco and Papas. Jonathan and I had a good morning together but headed over to their house before lunch. I was frustrated with how I was feeling and my doctor was pretty much a total jerk. I was having the contractions and really felt like this might be the real deal. But I was scared to be wrong since I had thought it so many other times. I went for a walk and called Daddy to let him know what was going on.  When I came back I was still having that nagging feeling that it was time?but was scared to really say it. I called Daddy again and told him I thought that maybe he should come home. Contractions were strong enough I couldn?t drive so Coco took Jonathan and I home for his nap. Jennifer stayed to play with Papa.

I called into the hospital and asked if I should come in. The nurse was great  (and I made her laugh so she liked me!) and told me to come at least get checked out. I called Auntie at work and Kelly so she could be ready to document your arrival. At 1:17 we loaded up in the car and took off.

Daddy was goofy with getting to actually time contractions in the car ride over. He would look at me and say ok should be starting one now?We also called Grandma to tell her to look up flights just in case this was really it. They were about 4 minutes apart and uncomfortable but for sure manageable and in between I was perfectly fine. Got to the hospital and I was so happy they gave me the room I had asked for since it?s the only one that had a tub in it. And it was the same one Jonathan was born in. The nurse manager checked us in and we had fun in between contractions. The monitors confirmed that I was indeed having contractions about 4 minutes apart. But we didn?t get too excited since monitors had shown this many many times before.

The midwife came in to check me. She was the same one that had checked me when we had the false alarm and I was at one then?this time only 2. I explained I was set to be induced on Friday and if given the choice I would rather get a little help to kick this off today versus coming back in 3 days. I also said my gut feeling was I just needed a little help to get things going. She said she was expecting a few patients to deliver soon so I should go walk to see what would happen. Kelly got there around this time and we all got ready to walk after I ate a protein bar for energy. 

Contractions  got a little stronger but had lots of good gossip time in between.  Kelly suggested we try the stairs to help the baby get in position. I knew it would hurt but I was so ready for you. Daddy was great. He would top and just let me hold onto hom and sway during contractions. Although he made the error of making me laugh during a contracton?then I punched him. The midwife passed us on the stairs and said ?you aren?t supposed to be out here?but I get it?.

We went back to the room so I could get checked again. Only at 3, but the midwife looked at the contraction pattern and said she understood why this was confusing and called it?I was in labor?and she admitted me. We called Coco and Auntie and asked Fairy if she could bring a excersize ball for me. I got in the tub to get some rtelief. It felt great and helped my contractions get stronger.

I got out and wanted to walk but didn?t feel like I could anymore. Our nurse Ann came in and we gave her our birthplan breakdown.  Once I had the excersize ball to rock on I was very happy it felt better than sitting or standing. I had a hep loc put in just in case and Coco and Auntie arrived. Daddy was being a great coach and let me hold onto him through every contraction.

A shift change happened and we met the new midwife. I told both of them I didn?t want pain meds and that I was 100% open to all her suggestions. She actually thanked me for saying that and being open to direction. I found out later that nurse Ann was supposed to go to different rooms but asked to stay with us. They also told me that they thought pitocin was needed to help me progress. I wasn?t excited but knew it was the right option.

The midwife was AMAZING. She told me that leaning over like I was made the contractions hurt less but also made them not as effective. I learned how right she was. She set me up on the bed almost siting completely upright and helped teach me in the moment how to relax through contractions. Auntie and Daddy would rub my legs during them to help me not get too tense and remember to relax my body. I could feel how much more intense the contractions got.

Eventually Auntie told me to try a new position. This time on my side. The contractions didn?t feel any better but Auntie said they were not effective so I needed to get up to use the restroom. I couldn?t do more than a few feet, so we went back to the ball. At this point the nurse came and told me I was moaning too much and needed to try and silently labor for awhile. She thought I was way to early to be vocal. She wasn?t right but it gave Daddy and I something else to concentrate on and something to get through more contractions.

The midwife came in and said to up the pit again. So amazing how locked inside I became. Even as I was working through these contractions I heard this and was talking in my head about how I didn?t need anymore pit?no no?I got this?no need for more pit here people?And to ask if I wanted to be checked. I said whatever she thought was fine. I didn?t know she had left but right after I decided I did want to be checked.

Auntie and Coco followed her out to discuss the gameplan. They were concerned that I was getting exhausted since I had been in early labor for weeks and dealing with the pubic separation. So she said she would check me and they could figure out what to try and suggest to me. The midwife was worried to discourage me since she guessed I still hadn?t made much progress since you were still high. Auntie joked het maybe she is 8.5, the midwife laughed saying she had been doing this for 20 yrs?no way I was 8. Right before she checked me my water broke. The first thing she said was ?wow your sister really knows you are at 8.

They were all surprised  I wasn?t saying I felt pressure at this point. But think it was masked with all the pubic bone pain. Nurse Ann said if I wanted to save myself a few pushes to tilt to the of course I did. The midwife talked me through each contraction and what I was feeling as you dropped. She helped m to understand the insane pain would lessen once yo got past my pubic bone because of the separation. I felt the strangest sensation and learned it was my body forcing me to push.

I got in a side laying position and Daddy held my leg. I remember yelling for Auntie and her saying I could do this and to keep going. With wonderful direction from the midwife you arrived in bout 20 mins of pushing. Daddy announced you were a boy ( he wasn?t surprised but I thought girl?sorry) I grabbed you right away and was so excited to finally be meeting you. Daddy got to cut the cord also so that was fun for him.

Everybody wanted to know your name but I wasn?t sure yet. I still was leaning towards Timothy so I said after you were washed off I would say for sure. You crawled right on up to nurse like a champ and I was just overjoyed that I had such a great experience with labor and delivery and that we got to be parents again.

Coco and Auntie left soon after and Grandma and Fairy came in once I was cleaned up a bit. After about an hour they weighed you. 7lbs. and gave you a bath. When they brought you back  I saw how much you looked like your older brother and we decided on Nicholas as your name.

I am so proud to be your mommy and to learn who you will be. I promise to do my very best to teach you and raise you to be a wonderful man..just like your Daddy. I cannot wait to witness you bond and play and grow with your sister and brother we are all so thankful to have you.

I love you my son.


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