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Evan Michael (long and somewhat TMI)

Well I guess it's about time for me to tell the birth story for my son Evan. So it's June 1 and the tornados are over (none our way thank goodness) but there is an amazing lightening show going on. Ryan (my husband) and I decide to go out and get ice cream and watch the sky light up. I had been noticing an increase amount of BH since around 4pm that day all within a 10 minute span but not painful by any means. While eating my chocolate chip peanut butter sundae (never again) I noticed my BH getting a little closer together and a little uncomfortable. It's about 830p at this time. I tell Ryan and he starts getting giddy but then I tell him I don't think I have felt the baby kick all day and he is usually super active during the day. We go home and I call the doc around 9pm. I tell them my contractions are 5-6 minutes and getting uncomfortable but my main concern was not feeling him move. They tell me to do a kick count for 1 hour and keep track of the contractions. I am delivering in boston and live in tyngsboro (borders Nashua NH) and its a long right. I lasted about 40 minutes and called back to tell them he moved once but my contractions were very painful and now 2 minutes apart! They gave us the go to come in

Well the journay starts at home with a bathroom trip. My body's way of getting ready I suppose so there is no accident when I'm pushing the baby out. I have Ryan outside the door sayin "I don't want to stress you out but your contractions are like 2 minutes apart and we have a long ride" I told him to chill out I'm going to the bathroom. So we hope in the car, don't know how fast he was going all i know is he said "I can get us there a lot faster if you want" At this point I didn't care what he did. We had left the house at a little after 11 and got there around 1145. I was only 1.5 centimeters! I felt so upset like I was a baby or something. I thought I had no pain threshold because surely the contractions would be worse if I was more dilated. Tried walking for like 20 minutes. They gave me the epidural at 230am but in the mean time my poor husband witnessed me empty my stomach! He was laughing because i threw up soooooo much! This is why i will never have that ice cream again!

So moving along its now 530 and I am 6 centimeters and water breaks. Didn't really get much sleep because I had to stay on my side since the baby didn't like me on my back. They put in all these internal monitors and all of a sudden I am feeling so much pressure. By 630am my body is pushing on its own and I can't stop. Doc comes back in and checks (worst pain through the whole thing) and I'm now 8. They give me a bolus and I am in heave :-) No pain just pressure. By 1050am I am 10 centimeters but they don't want me to push because hes still high. They wanted to give me another bolus. I said can I just try? They said sure for 20 minutes and we'll see. They left the room and its just Ryan, the nurse and myself. I have to push on my side but after three pushes the nurse calls the docs back in. As his head comes down they ask if I want to feel the head. I said "what are you nuts!?" Evan Michael was born at 1123am 6 pounds 5 ounces 19 1/4 inches.

I didn't like being pregnant so much, but with the epidural I actually enjoyed the labor and delivery. Evan is now three months 14.2 pounds! They grow so fast. thanks for reading my story.

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