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woman to woman midwifery

Has anyone had expeirence with them? are they any good??
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Re: woman to woman midwifery

  • Really late answering this, but in case you come back to look. I used them and loved them. They are always on time for appointments and are really thorough. I was very pleased with my care.
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  • They were awesome! I highly recommend them. For a natural birth experience or not. They don't treat you like its just business and are very personal and comforting even during labor, which a reg OB is not usually. I couldn't recommend them highly enough. In fact, I have an appointment with them at the end of this month bc my hubby and I are pregnant again and cant imagine delivering with anyone else! And Touro is awesome! Great staff, Clean and nice rooms.
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  • This might be coming a little late but I used and loved them as well! They were very personable and I felt that they did everything they could to give me the birth and pregnancy that I wanted. While I was in labor as soon as Esther showed up I calmed down immediately and regained my focus. I loved the tub in LDR1 at Touro! <3

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