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TLC baby shows

I've been watching a lot of these shows while I nurse. (A Baby Story, Make Room For Multiples, Baby's First Day)

Has anyone noticed that a lot of the moms on these shows do stuff like use sleep positioners, prop bottles, etc? 

And it seems that the vast majority of them FF?

Not judging FFers. Just saying that I'm surprised at the number of FFers vs BFers I see on these shows.

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Re: TLC baby shows

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    I totally agree! I have never seen such crowded cribs! I wonder if it is because alot of them are older episodes and there aren't any new ones coming out. Perhaps those are the old rules and we are just used to the new ones.
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    I wonder how much is actually FF and how much is pumped- not wanting to BFP on TV?

    It does drive me nuts to see things like proped bottles, unsafe cribs, car seat buckles not at armputs being aired- things that are not safe...making other people think it is

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    I was just thinking about the FF vs. BF thing the other day with these shows! I guess it makes my group of people (family, friends, coworkers, etc) I'm one of maybe 2 or 3 that actually have breastfed/ or breastfeed. Everyone else gave up or never tried. So, maybe it's just more normal just go to FF right away with some people now-a-days? I dunno. 
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    Teen Mom has even more bad role modeling...
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