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I just watched my neighbors kid get on the bus....

and I got teary eyed! lol

It is their youngest going off to Kindergarten. A lot of our schools around here are full day K....but not ours yet! I hope it stays that way for at least another 3 years! =)

Re: I just watched my neighbors kid get on the bus....

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    Aww. my BFFs twins went to kindergarten this year too and I definitely got teary eyed thinking about it.

    Our district is also still half day K, (i think only one of 3 in the whole buffalo area) but I am actually hoping it DOES change before Eve goes to school. I think she'll be ready for it and I think the kids need it for all they are expected to learn in kindergarten.

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    Awww....I probably would have teared up too!  Hard to imagine being the parent of a kid getting on the bus.  I am freaking out over DS starting preschool tomorrow and it hardly compares. 
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    I would be lying if I said I didn't cry looking at fb pics of my friends' kids going to K. The backpacks look as big as they are! Something about them getting on the bus, uggg see there I go again! LOL
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    Mike started 1st grade this year and was so excited to be a "big 1st grader" and not a "little kindergartener".  I enjoy drinking a cup a coffee with the neighbors at the bus stop and getting the neighborhood dirt.
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